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Women We Love: Tokunbo Fasoro

Today’s Woman magazine interiews Tokunbo Fasoro

Tokunbo Fasoro is a HR Consultant, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Career Coach, Co-Host of the 7Star Workers Radio Show on City Fm Lagos and Author of the book Walking Your Way Into Career Success.


In this interview she tells us how she is changing the lives of Nigerian graduates!

What is BI solutions?

TF: BI Solutions (BIS) is a business solutions company committed to human capital development. We provide cutting-edge solutions to small, medium and large organizations in HR advisory services, training, and development, recruitment and selection, organizational development, performance management, career progression, succession planning, manpower planning, setting up of systems/structures and HR support services.

tw: Why did you start the BI Empowerment platform?

TF: In May 2014, I started my company (BI Solutions), and I made a surprising discovery while recruiting for organizations: after interviewing over 20 candidates, only a select few would impress me. This was a problem, and it was a heavy burden on my heart. I realized that during interviews, I sometimes spent about 45 minutes trying to counsel and help them be better fits for firms.

This was indeed a burden to me and I thought to myself, “How can I help these young people? They lack the basic skills required, even for entry-level jobs.” There was an obvious gap between the academic environment and workplace that needed to be filled.

This led to the birth of the BI Graduate School where graduates were trained and equipped for free. This School eventually birthed BI Empowerment: a virtual and physical platform with a mandate to bridge the gap between the academic environment and workplace through various free empowerment programs.

We have reached over 200,000 young people and have a global readership on our social networks. Our empowerment programs have resulted in producing young people who stand out in the workplace and in their various businesses. Working with these young people led me to the publishing of my first book; Walking Your Way Into Career Success to reach out to a wider audience.

tw: What is your book – Walking your way into career success – about?

TF: The book highlights ‘Secrets to Career Success, Breaking the Ceiling, Successful Entrepreneurship, The Exceptional Curriculum Vitae and Winning at Interviews’. They are all written from personal experiences, experiences gained while working as an HR Consultant and as an Entrepreneur. It was launched at the Give back conference which held on the 12th of November 2017 at the Oriental Hotel Lagos. I also launched the Tokunbo Fasoro Youth Mentorship program on the same day, with a mandate to mentor over 5000 young people all over the country with the sole aim of making them employable.

tw: How do you help people identify their passion?

TF:  As a recruiter, I only profile people on roles that are related to what you are passionate about, no matter how desperate they are in need of a job (this is because, if people enjoy what they are doing, their employers will be happy). If they are not, then there will a lot of high labour turn over, which also affects our credibility as an organization.

I also encourage entrepreneurs to do what they are passionate about; most people who venture into entrepreneurship don’t make money immediately, and what actually keeps them there is the passion.

Very importantly, I talk to people about self-discovery; you need to know who you are, and what you like. I always ask this question: “Where do you see yourself happy in the next 5-10 years?” A lot of people can desire to be in a particular position in 5 years, but they really may not be happy there.

Finding your passion is key to building a successful career, being happy, and fulfilled.


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