Within you lies an opportunity to be a star

I was talking to a friend /colleague and he went on and on about how unappreciated he felt at work and how not belonging to a cabal at work made him continuously viewed as an average performer yet he goes above and beyond with his work.

We had a lengthy discussion and some salient action points on how he could work through the barriers he was currently going through … I thought to share cause someone here could find it useful.

  1. Opportunity always follow value…it may not come now, it’s definitely lurking somewhere in the corner. When you increase your value, you create opportunities.

Adding value is the way you appear, prepare and organize…it is found in your execution, it’s how you understand the needs and exceed them not just meeting the expectations of your customers (internal and external)


  1. There is no such thing as job security…the only way to secure the future is to become more valuable.

He was totally demotivated so we agreed that one of the best ways to fall in love with your job again is to remember the first day you were picked among others…look for ways to add value to every task, assignment and communication.


  1. Be deliberate and constantly ask yourself:

What costs too much?

What takes too long?

What is inefficient and outdated?

What falls through the cracks?

What is poor in quality?

Dear friend, don’t blame the organization only, look within and decide to make a difference…therein lies the opportunity to be a star

Your time starts now…

Depeju Makinde


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