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Jobless? Unemployed? Two words just like many others that have been used erroneously. Let us digress a little into some life issues. Most times we seem to forget that life isn’t a short and straight journey like the barrel of a sawn off shotgun, but a labyrinth of different challenges of which one’s success or failure in the previous level tells a lot about how well one will perform in the next level…if one ever gets there at all. The previous level is designed to prepare one for the next level; this is why you have exams before you graduate into the next class.
However, in the case of life, we don’t have a school setting as I was stylishly describing above, how we evaluate ourselves or even prepare for the test of excellence which all stages of life require is a totally different ball game. Now back to the bone of contention, the stage I am addressing and bothered presently about (maybe because I am there) is that of being seemingly jobless whereas one is just unemployed. Anyway, being unemployed (with the hopes of being employed some day) is a ‘good’ thing, probably one of the best times in a man’s life. A time where one looks into the future with introspection to discover and follow one’s purpose, a time where one looks back in retrospect at the lessons one learnt overtime, a time to pick the people needed on one’s life journey, a time when one works on oneself to make oneself marketable, a time where one aligns one’s values to ensure that one becomes productive and successful in the next level. Isn’t that enough job already? Loooooool, so much that one doesn’t need a nagging boss to be on one’s back to remind one of an ‘exam day’ because every day comes with a formative test aimed at the continuous success we are chasing.DSC_9405
The bottom-line is one isn’t really jobless, in fact, one couldn’t have been more employed at this point. Here, it’s not a 9-5 job, it’s a 24/7 job. You have to stay on the job 24/7 because it’s a continuous one – that’s why we call it a G R I N D.
The lack of a system (a familiar one) to help us check our progress has really limited our self-evaluating abilities, so much so that we usually feel we are not making progress because we don’t have a job. However, if only we use our power of introspection to discover our inherent abilities, we will not only erase the term jobless from our growing resume, but also realize how much power we wield to further empower ourselves and others.
Unfortunately, we are focused on a next stage, forgetting the present stage and its requirements. We focus on our inabilities and situations we are ‘not yet’ equipped to change and forget our strength as youths. The earlier we can see our strengths as they are, the more effectively we can break off the mental and illusive cage of feeling unemployed and seemingly useless.
Lamenting and grumbling about this stage is a sure way to get in the vicious cycle of that stage (unemployed) which is the everlasting rat race. “Who lamenting and grumbling don epp?”, hahahaha! It just is a sure one way ticket of no prospect or propensity to make any significant progress, they are busy chasing shadows in the rat race world.
On a closing note, I cannot categorically say how to enjoy or make the best of one’s unemployed days. I am enjoying mine presently because I am becoming a better person, and also getting equipped to take advantage of opportunities that come my way, hence, people call me ‘Lucky’.IMG-20160816-WA035
Why not look back in retrospect and look within (introspecting)? Go on, equip yourself and ‘you might not end up lucky’ but will definitely be lucky.


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