Are You Ready to Transit from Paid Employment to Entrepreneurship?

Transit from Paid Employment to Entrepreneurship?

Are You Ready to Transit from Paid Employment to Entrepreneurship?
In recent times, I’ve had to share how I plan my finances with friends and they are usually intrigued like seriously!!!
I particularly remember the look on @tokunbofasoro a few weeks ago when I told her my journey through my finances and how effective planning has helped me to not just support my family but also help me build a business out of my passion.

Last year, I saved about 52% of my income monthly asides insurance for children’s higher institution and other miscellaneous saving. I was coaching a client last year who wanted to quit 8-5pm but had to provide guidance on how to make the exit smoother on her and the family.

@iamtoyinakinlade once gave an advice to intending entrepreneurs, who are currently employees, to make adequate financial plans for their exit. This is so valid. People have left their jobs for ENTREPRENEURSHIP and what they got was ENTREPENURYSHIP.

This year, as you set goals to start the business of your passion, come and learn the following:

  1. Few tips to put your dreams to test.
  2. How to juggle your job with your passion before you quit
  3. Planing your finances to support that goal
  4. Getting ready financially before you quit that job
  5. How long you should estimate before you quit .

This session is totally FREE but requires registration.It is a mentoring class for 30 EMPLOYED professionals RESIDENT IN LAGOS. Only the first 30 to register will be considered.  Click here to register.


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