Tokunbo Fasoro Youth Mentorship Program

Tokunbo Fasoro Youth Mentorship Program

The Tokunbo Fasoro Youth Mentorship Program – Mentoring over 5000 youths every year


The Tokunbo Fasoro Youth Mentorship Program was borne out of a need to reach out to a larger number of youths.

Over the years, I have interviewed a large number of graduates for diverse positions in different organizations and have discovered that they lack the basic skills required, even for an entry level job. This stirred up a great concern in me and a drive to proffer solutions. There was an obvious gap between the academic environment and workplace that needed to be filled.

This led to the birth of the BI Graduate School where graduates were trained and equipped for free. This School eventually birthed BI Empowerment; a virtual and physical platform with a mandate to bridge the gap between the academic environment and workplace through various free empowerment programs. These programs include sponsored training, workshops, inspirational talks, meetings with successful professionals who share real-life experiences that help youth in their personal and professional lives etc. This platform ( has a readership of young to mid-level professionals from all parts of the world. It also provides job opportunities, career mentoring and advisory services all for free.

Through these platforms, we have reached over 200,000 young people and have global readership on our social networks ranging from the biempowerment blog, Facebook page and other media of social networking. Even though our empowerment programs have resulted in producing young people who stand out in the workplace and in their various businesses, youth who make a difference and improve processes in any organization they find themselves, we believe that there is more work to be done.


The Tokunbo Fasoro Youth Mentorship Program an in-depth 6 months program; interactions would take place online with a one-month Employability Workshop, highlighting the skills employers want, selling yourself through your Curriculum Vitae and Winning at interviews.

Month 1Personal EffectivenessWeek 1Power of Positive Thinking
Week 2Self-Discovery & SWOT Analysis
Week 3Self-Discovery & SWOT Analysis
Week 4Skills that enhance personal effectiveness

Google classroom

Month 2Identification of career path in connection to individual passionWeek 1Activity: Identification of Talent, Experience, Abilities & Passion
Week 2Activity: Matching of abilities and passion with career opportunities

Activity: Research on possible development programs in line with set career

Week 3Activity: Research on articles, EBook, mentors, materials and online training in line with career
Week 4Feedback & Guidance

Google classroom

Month 3Mentees set SMART goalsWeek 1Instructor Based: Goal Setting
Week 2Activity: Create a blue print
Week 3Instructor Based: Review of set goals
Week 4Feedback: Ensuring goals are SMART

Google classroom

Month 4Employability Workshop

10 hours online course

Personal Development
Skills Employers Want
CV writing
Excelling at Interviews
Google classroom
Month 5Taking action & Follow upAction Plan on set goals

Google classroom

Month 6Empowering mentees with skills that can make them stand out in workplace and closureGetting the job

Staying on the job

Excelling on the job

We understand that some mentees might have special needs and might want to have a face to face relationship/ conversation with a mentor; we have carefully selected mentors based on the following criteria to meet these needs.

  • Wealth of experience
  • Track record of a successful career
  • Leadership abilities
  • Professionalism


  • January – June
  • April – September
  • July – December
  • October – March



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This program is designed to build and empower youths, people who at the end of the program would identify who they want to be and how they intend to get there. Youths who will be:

  • Confident enough to face career challenges and go for what they want,
  • Innovative: Creative minds that would identify gaps in the society and organizations and fill those gaps, minds that can think out of the box.
  • Proactive
  • Goal Oriented
  • Action Oriented
  • Employable


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