How to get a job through networking

You finally got that dream job you have had your eyes on, congratulations! Its time to take up new responsibilities and show your new employer that you really mean business. I remember when I got my first job, the excitement I felt, and then I got a little nervous, with lots of questions running through my head like will I be able to level up to expectation? will I like my new job? My mind was clouded with lots of unanswered questions till I figured out some tips which were eventually of great help to me. So what are those tips you would be needing to help you excel at your job and also retain it?

 STARTING WITH A POSITIVE MINDSET: You can almost tell the end of a thing just by looking at the beginning. Starting your new job with a positive mindset, telling yourself that you are on the right track and willing to give in your best is your first step to keeping your job. No boss wants an employee with negative vibes, so come along with all the positive energy you can give and start that job!

 SEEK ADDITIONAL KNOWLEDGE: Sometimes, past experiences are not enough to keep you going at work and there is a need to update yourself with the new trend of your work place. Approach fellow co workers, ask questions when unclear about things, show genuine interest in knowing new things about your work place.

 COME UP WITH IDEAS: put on your thinking cap and come up with things that could help your company grow. Handle the business like you would handle yours. Be ready to research and share ideas that can help increase productivity at your work place.

 BE READY TO STAND OUT: Be an exceptional worker. Be known for something. Is it Diligence? Proper time management? Or your humility. Make sure you stand out among fellow workers.

 PROPER COMMUNICATION WITH CO WORKERS: I keep saying it, no man is an island and no one knows it all. Learn to get along with your fellow workers. It makes work interesting and less burdensome.

 KNOW WHEN TO KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL: A little humor doesn’t hurt. Especially when the work environment feels so tensed up with so much seriousness. You might want to lighten up the mood,but you should learn to do it right and at the proper time. Do not joke about your fellow worker’s private affairs, know when to stop and get back to being serious. So you don’t get to be seen as an unserious person. In all, learn to be professional.

Putting these tips into practice will not only help you retain your job, but will also help you find fulfilment in doing what you love.



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