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Some people believe there are special individuals who are self-made because they are highly successful – I totally disagree with that. My simple belief is that they succeeded because they tapped into and unleashed their potentials for excellence.
The world focuses on talent and highly publicised individuals with sought after jobs, giving them public recognition for their achievement. Other people achieve something and they get no reward or recognition simply because they failed to think critically before putting it into effect.
This will take us on a short journey to Dr Ben Carson’s story:
Ben’s parents got separated when he was eight years old. He and his brother Curtis were raised by a single mum. They moved from Boston to Detroit where he continued his education and attended Higgins Elementary School.
Being a new student in the school, other students discriminated against him and tagged him as the dumbest kid in his class. They made jokes about him frequently.
Ben gave in to this negativity and he actually saw himself as a dumb kid, but his mother who had always believed in him, saw him as a very smart kid.
Of the different laws that guide the universe, the Law of Attraction is the name given to the maxim “like attracts like”. This sums up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, a person brings positive or negative experiences into his/her life. Even though Ben was negative, his mother made him believe in the power of positivity.
Ben didn’t really like education, but his mother made him believe that education is a path way to success and reading is the way out of ignorance and also the road to achievement. Ben’s mum took her stand and stopped him from watching television and other non-educational programs except for just two programs in a week.
She also gave him the task of reading two books from the library every week. By doing this, Ben got used to reading and he also learnt how to spell. He got his first motivation from his mother and continuous support from the good teachers around him.
By the second half of the fifth grade he began to improve in school, he was highly motivated and believed he could actually be the best in all. He got the attention of members of the school and from then, that ‘little dumb kid became the best in his class’.
After Ben got motivated by his mother, he thought about his entire life and he brought out his inner potential which translated to his excellent performance.
We see that from thinking big, Ben Carson changed himself and he transformed the world. He remains the best neurosurgeon in the world and he also contested under the Republicans as a United States Presidential candidate before he stepped down.


The first thing you require is to recognize your talent, and how can you do that? You need to know what you are good at and what you know how to do best. Then you choose a field that optimizes that quality to enable you positively affect your specified field.

Be confident in whatever you do. Confidence assures your hearers of your competence and experience (even if in reality you are completely clueless).

Have great and positive people around you who are ready to give their best for you to enable you learn then give your best to others. Work your way around great people who will mentor and lead you in the right direction.

Share your ideas with people who can help you develop them.

Here is an acronym to steer your thinking..
T – talent recognition
H – honesty
I – insight development
N – new and fresh ideas
K – knowledge
B – bravery
I – intelligence
G – God [always put God first in everything you do]

Ever heard the saying ” You can never grow bigger that your mind’s capacity to conceive”. Don’t limit yourself. You must ‘think big’ before you can ever ‘be big’.


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