The Value You Add, Determines How Important You Are

Article By Tokunbo Fasoro

This lady, who was just hired as an intern was barely two months in my organisation. One day, I had called her into my office to get some ideas from her, since she studied Social Work in school. As we talked, I shared some thoughts with her and the challenges we were facing at that time. She looked at me and said, ‘Sir, I wish I had a million naira now, I would have given you for this project. First off, do not pay my salary for now.’ Hmm. I was surprised.

Shortly after, I received a very SHORT notice to PITCH for an opportunity for Access Bank to partner with Project Revamp Africa in our school projects. The notice was VERY short. By the time, I had knowledge of the ‘competition’, I knew that I had to step up my game.She volunteered to help me out. A day to the presentation, we had to work till very late at night. She lives a bit far from the office. The next day, she went with me for the presentation. We had won the first phase, but had a bigger fish to fry.

At that time, we had approvals for just a district in Lagos State. We needed approvals in ten states in Nigeria. Our first point of call was Oyo State. Then the journeys began. She had to travel by day and by night on different occasions to ensure we got the approval and SHE ENSURED we got it. I never traveled to Oyo State, nor even spoke with any of the directors there. She pulled this one all by herself.

Amid many other responsibilities, she was all over Lagos, ensuring we got approvals in other districts. This lady worked with me till December 24, 2017 (CHRISTMAS EVE). 99% of the T-shirts worn by our volunteers were purchased and printed by her. On many occasions, she would come into the office, work till late afternoon and head later to the market. One day, she was in Balogun till almost 10:30pm.

I remember one of the days we had a meeting at Access Bank by 8pm. She was with me on the Island till past 11pm, I did NOT see a frown or body language to show that she was unhappy to be out that late. The next morning, she was in the office by 7am. I wish I wrote this story earlier because many things are a bit vague now. If there is a second person, who made our BIG dream at Project Revamp Africa a reality, she is the one. The work-load on her was really enormous.

Funny enough, we interviewed some prospective interns to work in my office last year. After a long process, we short-listed about five of them. One of the interviewers was okay with her but gave me a stern warning. ‘She seems very good, but may give you attitude. Are you ready to live with that? My response was YES.’

I am glad I made the right choice and the right decision.

If there is anyone I have drilled the most in recent times, she is the one. It will be an insult to say that she has worked with me as a man. She has SHOWN US the GREAT POWER women possess.

Chimdinma, for the many SACRIFICES you have made, of which yourself, my wife and I alone probably know, I say ‘THANK YOU.’

All those correct bachelors looking for ‘wife-material’, SLIDE INTO MY DM. Let’s talk. TERMS AND CONDITION APPLY. If you slide into her own directly and you are a mutual friend, take what comes to you. Lol


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