I met a woman at a salon and we got chatting. She was way older than I was, but we just connected and we began to converse. She is  a  senior manager in one of the  most prestigious Oil and Gas company in Nigeria.  We discussed on how she was always picked by her organization to represent the organization all over the world, attending and delivering speeches in high profile meetings.

I asked her how she started out, and I wasn’t surprised when she mentioned PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. When she told me how much she had invested in personal development, training, workshops and career development courses. She said anytime she was out of the country on holidays, she would look for a training to attend and over the years. She had acquired a lot of knowledge, skill and exposure that her organization had leveraged on, till date.



  1. Opportunity waits for no one: Opportunity meets preparation. If opportunity comes and you are not ready, it moves to the next person, so invest as much as you can in yourself.


  1. Always try to improve on a skill or learn something new: A friend of mine just discovered she could begin to tie gele to earn money with just a little extra training. This was after she tied for another friend who had nowhere else to go and this friend began to receive compliments.


  1. Make use of every fee period you have: Avoid wasting your day away or sleeping away; ensure you learn something new every day – it could be a chapter of a book or an online training or learning a skill on YouTube. Ensure that you do a personal appraisal every night, and ask yourself what you have achieved each day. Don’t sleep without achieving anything.


  1. Research on the latest trends in your business or industry: Ensure you are well informed and moving with the trend else you will find out one day that your colleagues have gone ahead of you and you have become irrelevant.


  1. Be intentional and challenge yourself: It takes a lot of discipline to invest in personal development. It will cost you your money and your time. You need to be deliberate and determined to go through with it.

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