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THE POWER OF A DREAM – Tokunbo Fasoro

I read a book titled the “Nigeria of my dream” written by Sam Adeyemi (Who actually is one of my mentors) While reading, I came across some inspiring and powerful quotes on ‘The power of dreaming” I thought to share with our BIE Readers. This could change a readers mindset forever.

“There is nothing that man has created that did not exist first as a mental picture in picture in somebody’s mind”

“A leader sees farther and further than anybody else. He or she has the capacity to see things, not just the way they are but the way they could be”

“This world would never move forward without those who can see glory in the midst of shame”



“The moment a dream or a vision takes shape in your heart, the resources needed to make that vision a reality begins to flow towards you”

“A dream inspires you to be persistent and to try again when you experience temporary setbacks”

“What you believe is what you become”

“What stops us from succeeding most of the time is not what we think we are but what we think we are not”

Someone start dreaming! It actually all starts with a dream.

Tokunbo Fasoro
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