The Money Value of Time


By Opeyemi Komolafe

A pretty popular cliche I hear is, “The time value of money”. I’ve
never spent time analyzing this statement because I never had to,
anyway, the object of my discourse is ‘The Money Value of Time.’

A few days ago, I dropped my children in school and was on my way when
I came across an NNPC mega station. The queue for fuel was as long as
the eyes could see and as endless as one could imagine. I needed fuel,
but drove by and went to another which sold at N180 per liter…….No
queue by the way!!! I truly started to wonder how a child of God
possessing invaluable time with a purpose in life would spend two (2)
days on a queue just to save an extra N35 per liter!!!!!!! Some people
will eventually get a turn and buy twenty (20) liters, thus saving a
mere N700!!!!!!! I understand that N700 is 2 dollars as such, can feed
the poorest families in Nigeria for 2 days, but, if you own a car, or
drive a car, you do not fall into that income bracket in anyway.
Wasting all that time on a queue is wasting a part of your life.

A man’s entire life is a totality of seconds, minutes and hours,
consequently, what you spend your time doing is what you are spending
your life on. Time is valuable. Any period of time allowed to pass by
without being put to constructive use is time wasted. Do you know how
much money you could have generated in 2 days? Do you know what
beneficial relationships you could have developed in 48 hours? To
spend it wasted on a fuel queue is ridiculous to me!!!! Any period of
time that is not invested in generating profit or investing in
ministry/people/relationships/making a better YOU etc is a colossal
waste of time.

Time is valuable and irredeemable, let us invest our time wisely.


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