Have to

“The Have-to’s” and “The want-to’s”

I was chatting with a friend and she was talking to me about how the
house would be so dirty sometimes and she wouldn’t just feel like
cleaning.  She would instead ‘want to’ sleep or watch TV, but
unfortunately, it’s something that she ‘has to’ do.

As human beings, most times we don’t want to be stressed, we all just
want to sleep, have fun, relax, play, hang out, party etc. These are
things we ‘want to do’ and there are so many things we wouldn’t feel
like doing, especially when it comes to hard work, setting goals,
following through, making sacrifices etc. but unfortunately these are
things that we ‘have to do’ to remain relevant and be successful.

Relating this to careers, goals or even aspirations in life, we just
find out that most times we prefer to remain where we are. Quite a lot
of people find it difficult getting out of the status quo. Many times
you discover a lot of people are limited because they are not
intrinsically motivated, most people want to be motivated or pushed by
other people before they can take the next big step in their lives which
would take them to the next level.

What amazes me most times in issues like this is that my friend actually
knows that the right thing to do is to clean the house, like I know that
the right thing to do is to register for that certification or do that
MBA because that new credential is what can get you out of the
limitation you find yourself in and take you to the next level. It’s
just something that ‘you have to do’ which might require you to reduce
your sleep in order to read or cut down on a holiday splurge to pay for
an exam that will take you to the next level. Most times we need to note

that the ‘HAVE TO’ are the activities that lead towards success and it is
essential that we are able to differentiate between the two to determine the
actions to take, not only in our careers but in every aspect of our lives.


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