‘How Temi Siyanbade Found Her Passion’

Temi O. Siyanbade owns and runs her own private practice, The Law Office of Temi Siyanbade, a Houston-based law firm that provides legal services to help entrepreneurs and small business owners find direction, gain clarity, and increase profits.

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Temi loves what she does but must confess that her journey to this particular role has been extremely colorful to say the least.

Temi was born in Providence, Rhode Island–the smallest state in the United States–to a young Nigerian couple. Her parents cherished their Nigerian roots and infused the rich culture into their home and everything they did. As a result, Temi, to this day considers herself the epitome of a “Nigerian-American.”

As a child, she loved words and found that she was always interested in the precise use of words as a tool to create structure. She remembers drafting a contract regarding her chores and her weekly allowance when she was still in single digits. She was sure to get the contract signed by both of her parents giving her full access to her rightful allowance. Even though her parents eventually breached the contract, the desire to use words and law to structure relationships remained.

Temi eventually went on to receive a B.A. in English from the University of Georgia and a J.D. from the University of Houston Law Center. She is currently admitted to the State Bar of Texas and the Federal Southern
District of Texas Bar.Tosin Legal Logo

As she journeyed through school and jobs ranging from a personal assistant to an elementary school tutor, this love for words and its ability to provide clarity has remained. She is dedicated to using her skills to empower people who want to change the world through business and social enterprises.

Her legal services include business formations, contract drafting, and strategic planning. She also provides additional representation in the areas of immigration law, appellate law, and criminal defense.tosin-legal-2

One lesson she has learned over the years is that perspective is often a matter of choice. We each have the opportunity to choose how we will see our surroundings, our experiences, and ourselves. The choices we make
regarding perspective largely shape our destinations. Her message to young people is to choose to see hope.


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