All It Takes Is Some Care, Some Dedication And A Little Discipline – Tokunbo Fasoro

One morning, while on holiday, I decided to take a walk around the environment. After walking a few meters, I couldn’t but notice how neat and properly maintained all the lawns around looked. I mean ‘ALL’ the lawns! They looked so perfect, it was like I was looking at a picture.
Then I noticed something- I saw that 4 different houses had people mowing their lawns, and I saw a woman tendering the flowers in front of her house. I was so amazed that these people paid so much attention to their environment. I saw dedication. I saw discipline. I just kept looking on in admiration. Then I began to think, if only we paid such attention to our lives; in the same way that made this environment look so perfect in areas such as our careers and goals, it could probably become perfect one day . If we could just take sometime to think, “How can I become perfect on this job? What do I need to do to get to the peak of my career? What do I need to do to take this business to the next level? How can I stop this addiction?” And so on… imagine how ‘neat and well maintained’ our lives could appear. All it just takes is some care, some dedication and a little discipline.

Tokunbo Fasoro


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