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The Management Student Association of UNILAG Organizes An Entrepreneurship Talk

We were invited to an entrepreneurship talk by the Management students of the University of Lagos. I was asked to speak on ‘What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur’ and I was so excited to find out that Mrs Ayodeji Megbope was a co-speaker. She happens to be one of the people who inspired me into being an entrepreneur about 5 years ago, when I listened to her speak at a meeting. It was a privilege to listen to her tell her story again, as she is a source of inspiration each time she speaks. Click here to view her inspiring story – “From 1k moi moi to the White House” I was also inspired by Mrs Eniola Salu Akintunde; the CEO of Styles by Saennys who got fired from the University of Lagos because she was running a full time programme alongside. She talked about how she took it as a challenge, went into entrepreneurship and today is a producer of Gem stones, accessories and unique jewelry items. Her company is one of the leading jewelry creation companies in Nigeria today. There were other inspiring speakers like Mrs Kemi Adesina, the CEO Kess Karpets and the CEO of ...

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Its Not The Last Hit That Breaks The Ice – Zika Nwaise

I remember one of the workshops we had where one of our speakers made a statement ‘Effort is good but result is better’. A person who has a dream that has not been developed is not recognized until that dream becomes a reality. Truly, it is good to dream big and paint a big picture of what we want and how we intend to start out in life but the thing is many of us keep on dreaming and do not know when to wake up and face reality. Even if it doesn’t look like you are getting that big picture anytime soon, it’s better to start something no matter how small it may be, it could even be a volunteer job in order to get you the experience you need for the bigger job. As Thomas Edison said, ‘Success is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration’ in other words, you need to take actions in other to bridge that gap between your dream and the reality of what you want. Never allow fear to stop you from taking actions, either the fear of failure i.e. thinking about “what if it doesn’t work?”or the fear of criticisms ‘what ...

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I stood outside my house one morning and noticed how beautiful it looked…  Yes, I had viewed the scenery over and over again but never took the time to notice how beautiful it was.  Standing right there in front of me, I saw a beauty I could not comprehend, a beauty that could only be created through pain, the pain that comes with receiving the sun and the rain, the pain that comes with being a TREE. Yes, you read right, a tree! I guess we see the beauty of the flowers and the trees spurring us to appreciate nature, but if we take the time to study them, we would see that the only thing that makes them shine is birthed from the pain they go through. Imagine if they ran for shelter every time it rained, or shielded themselves from the sun when it blazed down on them, would they still look this radiant? To succeed in life, we have to face our own challenges in order to be successful in our various paths.  Human that we are, most times we want to run away from our challenges and we search for the easy way out not knowing ...

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The Big “C” (CONNECTION) – Zika Nwaise

Many times, we feel the big ‘C’ is what gets us jobs. Well, maybe in the past! These days everyone wants employees who can actually deliver on the job after getting the job. Even if the big “C” is going to get you the job, you must be able to prove you can be trusted with the responsibility and deliver on that job. Let’s quickly take a look at what comes before the big “CONNECTION”. Most youths say “you can only get the great jobs based on who you know, not by your qualifications nor how well your interview went”. But the question is ‘how do you know who you know?’ You probably know a lot of people and vice versa but the crux of the relationship is what these people think about you! Do they know you as that unreliable friend who takes things for granted? Or as that friend who takes up responsibilities and ensures that you get things done in good time. Are you too proud to engage in a friendly conversation with people you meet? Your next opportunity to network might be at a casual party, and who knows, you just might be sitting next to ...

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