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Unemployed But Not Jobless – Oladimeji Oluwaga

Jobless? Unemployed? Two words just like many others that have been used erroneously. Let us digress a little into some life issues. Most times we seem to forget that life isn’t a short and straight journey like the barrel of a sawn off shotgun, but a labyrinth of different challenges of which one’s success or failure in the previous level tells a lot about how well one will perform in the next level…if one ever gets there at all. The previous level is designed to prepare one for the next level; this is why you have exams before you graduate into the next class. However, in the case of life, we don’t have a school setting as I was stylishly describing above, how we evaluate ourselves or even prepare for the test of excellence which all stages of life require is a totally different ball game. Now back to the bone of contention, the stage I am addressing and bothered presently about (maybe because I am there) is that of being seemingly jobless whereas one is just unemployed. Anyway, being unemployed (with the hopes of being employed some day) is a ‘good’ thing, probably one of the best times in a man’s ...

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Networking Series (2) : “Creating Relationships” – Tokunbo Fasoro

The most important professional/business activity we engage in is networking. One sunny afternoon, I decided to go to the construction site to oversee how the renovations were going on an office space we just acquired. We had been cracking our heads on how we were going to partition it. This had become a big problem to us. As I parked my car, I saw a young woman just coming in too. I smiled at her and asked if she was a tenant as well. She said “Yes” and we got talking. We talked about her business then proceeded to talk about mine. I told her what I was passionate about and took her to the space we just acquired in the building. I went on to tell her how we would like to have a graduate school, and about how we intend to rent seminar rooms for that purpose. She immediately asked me, “Why don’t you not save your self some money and partition a training room out of this space?”. BOOM! That was it. I immediately changed all the designs. That decision saved us millions of naira. I am glad I smiled and spoke with her that day. Networking ...

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“Course Of Study Or Passion?” – Tokunbo Fasoro

I kept watching the photographer during a photo-shoot and all I could see was passion. Ironically, he came into our office quite ill. He said he had a headache and his body ached but during the shoot it seemed like an untruth. It looked to me that he was not even conscious of how he felt and he just kept going; climbing stools, kneeling and lying down to shoot. All I could see was a guy that is extremely passionate about what he does. I then asked him a question? “You seem to be very happy with what you do” and he said to me, “I enjoy every moment of it” He went on to tell me that he studied Microbiology and graduated with a second class upper, but unfortunately, Microbiology is not his thing. “I am a very creative person who gets pleasure from designing stuff” he said. That was how he knew he needed to do something else. He discovered photography and the shooting of videos. He fell in love with it and started attending functions – shooting for free. Here he is today, a successful entrepreneur!Now the question is:“Are you passionate about what you are doing now?Must ...

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6 Baggages to Avoid in Achieving Career Success – Tokunbo Fasoro

Today, we would be looking at a number of baggages we need to avoid in order to achieve success in our career; I hope we all learn something from this… Enjoy. An aspiring footballer will avoid being overweight, he will ensure that he is consistent with his exercises and able to perform at optimum for the time required to be on the field  without getting  tired because he knows that being overweight is a baggage that will prevent him from attaining success in his career. A good example is the Footballer Ronaldo De lima, who had to stay away from alcohol during his active playing days so as to keep fit and not gain excessive weight. We all have one baggage or the other thatkeeps us from fulfilling our dreams, we need to identify them and let go of them in other to succeed. Below are a few baggages any aspiring entrepreneur or one who wants to build a successful career should be willing to let go. Pride: To be successful as an entrepreneur, you must be humble, humble enough to understand and learn the nitty-gritty of the business. You must be able to accommodate nonsense provided you gain knowledge ...

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“Be Like Sasha” – Tokunbo Fasoro

I was speaking to undergraduates at the University of Lagos last week on planning for a successful career in future . I emphasized that it was important to do some internships while on holiday. Our environment and upbringing in Nigeria has given us a general mindset that working to earn, or working to learn does not start until after graduation from the university. I have discovered from experience that most people who stand out in their early career lives have interned or done holiday jobs while still in school. Amazingly on the news I heard that President Obama daughter; Sasha took a job as a waitress in a restaurant. Amazing isn’t it? The question is “How many of us can actually do this?” A Nigerian or an African child from a middle-class family can hardly be caught doing holiday jobs today. The truth is that we have a lot of universities churning out graduates every day, the national population is growing, and universities are increasing in number all at a rate that is not commensurate to the jobs available out there – the question here is “How can I stand out?” Why wait till you graduate before you gain some ...

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Six Unique Facts of Integrity

One day, a friend said to me… “Let us write 8:00am on the attendance register, no one will know”. But I thought about it, and decided to write the exact time I got there which was about 8:30am. Unfortunately, there was a major issue in the office and those who got to the office between 8:00 – 8:15am were being interrogated. I just smiled. Sometimes, we think it’s better to go the easy way, but it’s not always profitable. The single most important quality you can ever develop that will improve every area of your life is Integrity. Integrity is the foundation of a good character. Integrity is honesty, and to be honest with others means you have to be honest with yourself. Here are some reasons on why Integrity should be a core value for you. 1. It makes you stand out:  People tend to depend on you when you are a man of your word in an environment where being straight forward is scarce. 2. It makes you successful:  People of integrity are honest people and honest people are people who do things right. Doing the right things would take you far as it creates a good reputation for you and your business. 3. It makes you a good leader ...

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