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Ex-Queen of Drugs Speaks With The Bi Empowerment Team

Abbey, a pleasant young lady with a great smile, is someone I met at a women’s meeting where she shared her story. It was like watching a Nigerian home video, and I just could not get over the fact that it was indeed real. I got an appointment with her, and she didn’t mind sharing her story with the BI Empowerment team to help inspire the youths. BI Team: “Thank you Ms. Abbey for the opportunity, Can we get to know you”? Abbey: “I am Abiodun Bello, the fifth child from my father, and the second child from my mother. You can say I am a half caste; a Nigerian half caste (laughing), partly Delta, partly Yoruba. BI Team:  “Can you tell us a little bit about growing up?” Abbey: “I went to school like every other child, even though it was not the way I wanted to be. You see, I was treated like an outcast even in my father’s house by my step mum”. BI Team:  “Would you say your rough childhood pushed you into drugs?” Abbey: “I was deprived of a lot of things including food, I actually grew up in a home where we had everything ...

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If you can think it, you can do it – Tokunbo Fasoro

Tokunbo Fasoro

IF YOU CAN THINK IT The first time I heard this slogan (If You Can Think It, You Can Do It)  was on a talk show “Moments with Mo” and I just fell in love with it. That phrase my mind set at that particular time. Growing up, I realized I had an inferiority complex. I felt everyone was better than me. It was so bad I remember a particular time that I thought Igbos were superior to the Yorubas and would always wish and tell people that I was an Igbo girl forgetting or even to young to understand that my name was a Yoruba name. I was always bullied in school, many times, my classmates would push my bed outside to the corridor and I would not mind just because I did not think I was good enough to be their friend and I wanted acceptance from them. I thought my self as a failure and unworthy of success. My mind was always pre occupied with negative thoughts until one day, my mom called me and told me she had been watching me and realized I did not believe in myself, what she told me that day changed ...

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Managing Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict is a common phenomenon in every organization and it takes many forms from simple instance of rivalry between teams to more complex cases of lack of trust and cooperation between groups of employees and management. Whether we like it or not we will have drama queens and kings who tend to blow non-event out of proportion just to create grief for other people and make the relational atmosphere in a team tense. As leaders in organizations the ability to effectively manage workplace conflict in a quick, objective and confidential manner says a lot about our leadership qualities. It should be noted however that not all workplace conflict is unhealthy. Some conflict are healthy conflict that helps to create innovation between teams example is conflict that arise from task that should be handled first or what methods to use in meeting a particular target. To tackle workplace conflict so that it has a positive impact rather than negative impact on the workplace consider using any of the following tips Ensure your Organization has a Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure Disciplinary and grievance procedures remain the most frequently used method of handling conflicts. The disciplinary and grievance procedure are frameworks that ...

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