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“All you need is someone to believe in you” – The Jimi Tewe Story

Jimi Tewe is a mentor and someone I always look forward to learning from. Thank you Jimi Tewe for letting us share this amazing story on this platform. Be Inspired… I’m a man of many parts. From a professional point of view, I run an organisation called Inspiro Consulting. It’s an HR and career services organisation and has been running for 6 years. Prior to that, I had worked with different organisations in consulting and banking at senior management levels. Today, I do a lot of career coaching, counselling, and public speaking. I also pastor the Lekki arm of my church, Kingsword International Church. I’m an author of 5 published books. The truth is, I wasn’t always like this. I remember some time ago, my mum called me and said there was a friend of hers that wanted to speak with me. So the woman was given the phone. I knew her when I was in Secondary school. This is how the conversation went: Mum’s friend: “Hello, is this Jimi?” Me: “Good afternoon ma. How are you ma?” Mum’s friend: “My children have been telling me about one Jimi Tewe that is going around talking everywhere and I was like ...

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The Hilarious Camp Story of Opeyemi Durowaiye

Opeyemi Durowaiye shares her NYSC camp story with us and we hope you all learn from her interesting experience as a corp member especially the 2016 Batch B Stream 1 corp members who will be going to camp very soon. Her Story… First, I must say DO NOT take 30 passports or make 20 photocopies….. Please* DO NOT! *and so I begin. Greetings everyone – especially prospective corps members. I was in your shoes in April, getting ready for camp and all; oh, and to serve my country #important. I was disappointed on two counts though; first I didn’t get posted to the East as I wanted-yeah, you heard right. I wasn’t interested in getting posted to Lagos or its environs and I still got Ogun state but the experience has been good! Then secondly, I had to go in the second stream- and to think I had my bags ready for camp since April 28th! (Don’t judge me!). But camping later afforded me good advice from my friends who went ahead, and a bit of travel. Why this checklist? Before camp, trust me, I checked out blogs and articles about orientation camp and all. They all made sense oh- ...

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Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship Program

The Jim Ovia Scholars Program was founded since 1998. It is fully funded by Mr. Jim Ovia to provide financial aid to outstanding Nigeria youths. The scholarship was previously known as the MUSTE scholarship. Eligble awardees are supported for their undergraduate and graduate study for the duration of their program and includes tuition and maintenance allowances. The scheme offers an average of 100 opportunities each year for new applicants while renewing applicants are supported annually, conditional on meeting all eligible requirements of the scholarship. Since October 2010, Mr. Ovia has invested over 100 Million Naira in the program to support 1500 beneficiaries and counting. In establishing the Jim Ovia Scholarship, Mr. Ovia hoped to create a network of future leaders within Nigeria who can compete globally with their peers, bring new ideas, creativity and are committed to improving the lives and circumstances of people in their respective communities. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of personal intellectual ability, leadership capability and a desire to use their knowledge to contribute to society throughout Nigeria by providing service to their community and applying their talent and knowledge to improve the lives of others. Over time it is expected that the Jim Ovia ...

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LIFE AFTER SCHOOL, a Symposium Organized By the Microbiology Students of the University Of Lagos

Today happens to be the Corporate day for the Science Students from the department of Microbiology of the University of Lagos and we were invited to the symposium they organized to give a talk on Life after School and Tokunbo Fasoro was so excited about it because she is very passionate about young people. Present there was the former HOD, Prof Adeleye; the present HOD, Prof Aboaba; as well as Dr. Adelowosan and other lecturers of the department who came to support their students and to also talk to them on what to do after school. She spoke to the students on building their career around their passion and making sure they get it right from the beginning. She also talked about the importance of setting career goals and ensuring they are SMART. She concluded by discussing the importance of a few success habits such as Integrity, Excellence, self- development and Association. It was a successful and well- organized event and the entire team of BI Empowerment would like to say a well-done to the Executive committee that put the programme together. Find more pictures below… Enjoy Photo Credit: Solar Media; Instagram: @grapher_solar Share on: WhatsApp Post Views: 2,678

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The Management Student Association of UNILAG Organizes An Entrepreneurship Talk

We were invited to an entrepreneurship talk by the Management students of the University of Lagos. I was asked to speak on ‘What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur’ and I was so excited to find out that Mrs Ayodeji Megbope was a co-speaker. She happens to be one of the people who inspired me into being an entrepreneur about 5 years ago, when I listened to her speak at a meeting. It was a privilege to listen to her tell her story again, as she is a source of inspiration each time she speaks. Click here to view her inspiring story – “From 1k moi moi to the White House” I was also inspired by Mrs Eniola Salu Akintunde; the CEO of Styles by Saennys who got fired from the University of Lagos because she was running a full time programme alongside. She talked about how she took it as a challenge, went into entrepreneurship and today is a producer of Gem stones, accessories and unique jewelry items. Her company is one of the leading jewelry creation companies in Nigeria today. There were other inspiring speakers like Mrs Kemi Adesina, the CEO Kess Karpets and the CEO of ...

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