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Jobs are available in TechnoServe


We’re looking for a Project Coordinator (Abuja, Nigeria) TechnoServe works with enterprising people in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses, and industries. We are a non-profit organization that develops business solutions to poverty by linking people to information, capital, and markets. Our work is rooted in the idea that given the opportunity, hardworking men and women in even the poorest places can generate income, jobs, and wealth for their families and communities. With more than four decades of proven results, we believe in the power of private enterprise to transform lives. About the Project: In partnership with Synergos Development Innovations, TechnoServe is working to transform the agricultural sector through the State Partnership for Agriculture (SPA). SPA uses a systems change approach to re-orient and strengthen key state actors in the sector and is initially focusing on rice and cassava in the states of Benue and Kogi, and potato and ginger in Kaduna. As a consulting partner to Synergos, TechnoServe is conducting policy analyses aimed at improving decision-making at the federal and state levels, engaging critical private sector partners to promote agricultural investment, and conducting capacity building interventions. Primary Purpose: The Project Coordinator will oversee and coordinate project activities ...

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LOOK….WHAT DO YOU SEE? – Opeyemi Komolafe

Doing back to back interviews have further revealed that most prospective job seekers don’t see beyond getting a steady income. The question ” Where do you see yourself career wise in the next 5-10 years?” is often met with confusion, agitation or or at best  uncertain hesitation. Those who are deemed confident and eloquent enough to respond will reel off a list of contradicting and inversely proportional plans that cause the interviewer’s jaw to drop in amazement.  I interviewed someone yesterday for a position as an educationist, the fact that all he had was a National Diploma in Estate development was not what puzzled me, the fact that he had no plans of furthering his education (remember he wants to be an educationist!) was not what amazed me, it was the fact that his career plans for the next 5-10 years was plainly ” I want to be employing people to be working as my labour” is what completely knocked my socks off!!!!!    EVERYONE HAS A DREAM Everyone on earth has that as a dream. It is the vaguest and most ambiguous plan anyone can have.  The error in grammatical construct and the fact that he came in sagging ...

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‘All fingers are not equal, must yours be the shortest?’ Tokunbo Fasoro

The first time I heard that statement from one of my mentors, I laughed and laughed but it’s just the honest truth. A lot of people find themselves in situations that look so difficult and a lot of people just give up at that point. I was chatting with a lady who was 34 years old and was battling with low self-esteem. She had dropped out of school and she said to me “I don’t even know where to start”. Given up on being someone great, she kept blaming her inadequacies on her past and has accepted the back seat position in life. I went on to share a book I read with her titled ‘Woman of Persistent Faith’ by Akiesha Keke Taylor , who after going through so much in life, didn’t give up, found her feet and decided to start all over again. Today, her story is impacting and changing lives. Keke refused to remain in that situation; she fought hard until she got out of it. I love the story of Jabez in the Bible whose mother named him pain, because she went through so much pain having him. As he grew, the name reflected on his life, but one day he decided that “NO! Enough is enough”. ...

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Writing Good Curriculum Vitae – Tosin Adekanmbi

Now that the first half of 2017 is wrapping it’s time to look at the goals again. Some of us have set goals for our career but are yet to make our best moves. Having a good Resume is one of the first steps in getting the job you want. If you are a fresh graduate you may not know the first thing about selling your skills through your Resume. If you are not a fresh graduate you probably have a Resume already. So before you start clicking away on every job website and submitting Resume hoping to book a job interview, you need to check that Resume again to ensure it will sell your skills, get employers looking in your direction and land you your best job yet in 2017. Kathy Cowen member of the Guardian Culture Professionals Network shared some top tips on creating a memorable and readable CV. Below is five of the tips. Get the Basics right There is no hard and fast rule about writing a good Resume but there are some common sections that must be covered. Personal and contact information; education and qualification; employment history/ experiences; relevant skills to the job; interests and ...

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Walking Your Way To Career Success

BY TOKUNBO FASORO It’s finally here. “Walking Your Way To Career Success” all Glory to God. This is a journey of over 18 months. It highlights “Secrets to Career Success, Breaking the Ceiling, Successful Entrepreneurship, The Exceptional Curriculum Vitae and Winning at Interviews“. All written from personal experiences and  the experience I gained on the job as an HR Consultant and an Entrepreneur working and interacting with young people. A very interesting and practical book for every young person who desires Career Success. Entrepreneurs who wants to succeed in their personal and professional lives. Made very affordable so every young person can afford it. It’s 1,500 Naira only. Of course you can decide to pay more or buy 50 books or more to impact the youths in your environment, Church or in the Universities. Share on: WhatsApp Post Views: 23

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Secrets To Passing A Job Interview

By Tokunbo Fasoro Interviewers tend to use the interview to try to determine who you are as a person. In other words, how you get along with other people and your desire to work. They will specifically try to identify as much as possible from how you behave. They will also pay attention to how you respond concisely, cooperate fully in answering questions and keep to the subject at hand. These are very important elements that influence the interviewer’s decisions. Below are five tips to gain an extra edge in your interview. Preparation is Key:  Ensure you learn about the employer, the job and the organization doing the recruiting on social media. Find out what is happening in the employers field, try to identify problems in that field and explain why you think you will be able to solve such problems citing some of your specific accomplishments to make your case. Relate yourself to the interviewers need:  Once you figure out the type of  person the interviewer is looking for, ensure you discuss your past achievements in relation to the employers need.  That is why it is important to ensure you look for every opportunity to intern or volunteer when ...

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How Can I Turn My Passion Into A Career

Tokunbo Fasoro

BY TOKUNBO FASORO Growing up, I always got into trouble for talking too much. It was easy for me to explain everything in such detail. I was quick to start up a conversation with many visitors that come into our house and as I grew up, I enjoyed talking even more. When I’m with friends, my voice is the loudest and the most excited, most times I would stand up and gesticulate while talking just to drive my point home, it’s almost always like a presentation. The most amazing part of this aspect of my life is that people usually listen to me! One day, I realized I had just found my passion: Talking. Then the problem came. How do I turn my passion into a job or a means of generating income? Which I did and today I get invitations to speak and I have also learned to write out some of my thoughts in exchange for remuneration and making an impact along the way. Sometimes, you fall head over heels in love with an activity, but remember, it’s more valuable when you are able to create impact and then make money from it. It is important to ask ...

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Honeywell Group Limited recruitment for an Account Manager

Honeywell Group Limited – A foremost indigenous conglomerate and diversified group with business interests in key sectors of the Nigerian economy, including foods and agro-allied, infrastructure, real estate, energy and services. With over four (4) decades of unprecedented success and a workforce that embraces diversity, the Honeywell Group is offering creative individuals possessing exceptional talent the opportunity to take their careers to unparalleled heights. Honeywell Group Limited is recruiting to fill the position below: Job Title: Account Manager (Sales) – Franco Africa (Fluent in French) Requisition ID: 00326954 Location: Lagos, Nigeria Shift: Day Job Travel: Yes, 75 % of the Time Relocation Available: No Job Description Preferably based in Lagos, Nigeria to cover Congo, Cameroon & Gabon region. Performance Materials and Technologies is a high-performing, global business with an array of technologies that are changing the world for the better. We develop and manufacture advanced materials, process technologies and automation solutions used in a wide range of industries and applications, from petroleum refining and automation controls and instrumentation to environmentally-friendlier refrigerants to bullet-resistant vests. Our advanced materials are critical in the manufacturing of products ranging from nylon to computer chips to pharmaceutical packaging, and process technologies developed by our UOP ...

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5 Common CV Blunders – Tokunbo Fasoro

Remember your resume creates your first opportunity to make a great impression on potential employers: 1. Telling untruths – Be honest about your skills, achievements & work history. A lot of people also lie about their age. Lots of times, lies and exaggerations will come back to you when employers do background checks. Sometimes an interviewer can tell just by looking at your academic record. Ensure you stick to the truth. 2. Listing irrelevant work experiences: Emphasize the relevant experience for the job you are applying for and stay focused. Listing everything you have done in your work-life might end up shooting you in the foot, as it will give an impression of a lack of career focus. 3. Copying and pasting job responsibilities from the internet: Employers can actually visit Google if they want to see job responsibilities. Employers want to see more of your exact experience on that job, and your achievement in that role. 4. Over the top designs: CV’s should be easy to open and view. Avoid pictures, use a common font and don’t get too creative with borders. Keep things simple. 5. Using an informal email address: The right email address can boost your professionalism. ...

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The 2 year Frontline Internship Program with Access Bank

The 2 year Frontline Internship Program This is an exciting opportunity for fresh graduates who are passionate about people and are interested in exploring various career options or require work experience as a pre-requisite for an MBA programme with a leading international university. The frontline internship program offers on-the-job experience and classroom trainings that will significantly enhance the applicant’s customer service and people management The 2 year Frontline Internship Program This is an exciting opportunity for fresh graduates who are passionate about people and are interested in exploring various career options or require work experience as a pre-requisite for an MBA programme with a leading international university. The frontline internship program offers on-the-job experience and classroom trainings that will significantly enhance the applicant’s customer service and people management skills. On a quarterly basis, the applicant will be exposed to a minimum of 8 hours classroom training which is in addition to the on-the-job experience. This programme is for you if you: Have a Minimum of 2nd class lower degree from an accredited university Are below the age of 24 as at the date of application Have the legal right to work in Nigeria Are willing to learn Uncertain about your future ...

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