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Rules and habits that can shape you into a great leader: Part 4 – Tokunbo Fasoro

Hello every one, we apologize for our unavailability over the weekend. It was due to technical issues.  But now we are back with a bang! Lol! Just to refresh your memory, we have been talking about how most successful leaders did not get there by accident; they learned and applied habits of great leaders. This is the Part 4 and the last part of our shaping a leader series. Be reasonable: You need to listen to everyone’s opinion and be fair in picking the most sensible one to adopt. Keep learning and improving: A great leader looks for every opportunity to learn. Read as much as you can, take classes when you have the opportunity and work on improving your skills and processes constantly. Never give up: You need to keep trying, not giving up. A little persistence does not hurt anyone and eventually might do the trick. Learn from your mistakes: Avoid making the same mistake twice. If something isn’t working, change your approach. Always give feedback: It is important you let your team know what they are doing well and what needs further improvement. A person usually feels motivated and would do better when they are told how ...

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Rules and habits that can shape you into a great leader: Part 3 – Tokunbo Fasoro

The most successful leaders did not get there by accident; they learned and developed habits of past great leaders. Experience, they say is the best teacher. Not in all cases. You don’t need to experience all the pitfalls that past leaders went through, when you can read about their mistakes and learn how they eventually got it right. You can just skip that gully and jump to getting it right the first time. This is Part 3 of our shaping a leader series; we trust you are following closely. Great leaders are supportive: They are genuinely concerned for the welfare of their team. They identify a team member with personal challenges and see how they can show support. They are honest people: Great leaders treat people the way they want to be treated. Honesty and ethical behavior form the foundation of success. They possess a great sense of professionalism: They conduct themselves in a way that sets them apart from their employees. Lead by example; dress properly, carry yourself properly and speak intelligently. They are organized: Great leaders organize and plan ahead. They plan: They think and plan everything through from point A – Z. They never exclusively trust their ...

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Rules and habits that can shape you into a great leader: Part Two – Tokunbo Fasoro

We started this series yesterday, and we would like to encourage you to carefully and intentionally follow these rules. If you do, you will be amazed at the results you will get, so let’s get to it. Identify mentors and role models: Find people you want to be like or people you have seen succeed in that area you desire. Follow them closely and learn from them. I am a typical example. I have benefited tremendously and have been shaped positively through my mentors. It was a good thing that they always took out time to listen, attend to and advise me. Your mentors actually go a long way in determining where you go in life. ‘Choose Wisely’. Interfere only when necessary and know your limits: Avoid interfering except if your delegation could result in a major problem. When you trust your team to do good work, kindly leave them to do it. A great leader teaches well. It is important to know when to talk and when to keep quiet, when to react and when not to react. This is where emotional intelligence comes in. Identify your strengths and weaknesses: Identify your strengths, hone them, and use them as ...

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Great leaders are not born they are made – Tokunbo Fasoro

Part of why we started the BI empowerment Blog is to ensure that we develop leaders as simply asby making sure they read our content on this platform.  All we need you to do is follow this series closely for the next few days.  Rules and habits that can shape you into being a great leader: Part One Being a great leader is not something that happens over night, you need to work hard at developing that skill.  It is achieved through discipline, hard work and commitment to continuous improvement through experience. So kindly follow, enjoy and share with your friends. Great leaders are not born, they are made. Here are a few rules or habits that can help you develop your leadership skills. They think of others first- It is not about you, but about the other person. Great leadership is always about “How can I serve this person or these people?” They crave for new things- The desire to learn more, the hunger for wisdom; they are open to feedback, new ideas, different opinions and views. They take responsibility- They take responsibility for their actions; they don’t push blame on other people. They listen to their team- Great ...

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Dare to be different – Tokunbo Fasoro

In order to thrive in today’s market place, its not enough to just do the same things as other companies are doing, we need to think differently to outperform competition. These days there is so much benchmarking, but benchmarking can only bring you up to best practices, it may not move you above your competition. Most people or organizations focus on matching or beating competition and their strategies tend to take similar dimensions. This cannot make you stand out. Thinking differently is a very important skill in your business and it can position you as No1 amongst your competitors, but a poor differentiation strategy might fail making you irrelevant. You need to think outside the box and do something different from what others are doing. For a different strategy in your business, consider what separates you the most from your competitors. The things you do which make your business different might be the way your services are provided, priced or delivered, depending on the business. ‘The following text is used by ‘Think different’ caption of Apple computers” as stated by the book 5 Thinkings to win; authored by Praven Rajpal. “Here is to the crazy ones The misfits. The troublemakers. ...

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NO PAIN, NO GAIN – Tokunbo Fasoro

Last week Monday, I left my house, situated at a certain area in Lagos by 5:27am. I had a training commencing at 8:00am, but I was stuck in traffic. I did not get to my destination in Victoria Island until 9:10am. I spent close to three and a half hours in traffic!! I looked out of my window and I saw people just like me who do this 5 or 6 times a week, I thought to myself, “Will I be doing this again tomorrow?” That was when I realized that for many of them on the street, it was a Yes. They had no choice. There was a reward at the end of it all. You can call it profit or salary, depending on the destination, but the point I am trying to make from this is “No Pain No Gain” My mind also flashed back to my aerobics class and the trainer who will never let us have any rest. He keeps pushing us to keep doing those very strenuous and painful exercises over and over again, telling us “No Pain No Gain” The moral of this is that nothing good comes easy, you need to keep pushing ...

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Are you an undergraduate, NYSC Member, fresh graduate, young professional, passionate entrepreneur or even a DSTV Super Sport Lover in our quest and passion of empowering young people by assisting as many as we can into discovering and building a successful career as well as inspiring young people into greatness. Hold the 1st edition of our quarterly Drink up section with Felix Awogu, The General Manager of SuperSport West Africa. This is a chance to relax, enjoy some great ambience, beverages of choice, socialize and Network with Mr. Felix Awogu while learning from his wealth of experience during the best time of the day – Happy Hour. Be one of the 6 Lucky BIE readers and get an opportunity to be inspired in a relaxed atmosphere with Felix Awogu, the General Manager Super sports West Africa on Saturday the 30th of July. To be shortlisted for the Drink Up, Comment with your full name and email address and tell us 3 sport channels on DSTV. Event venue and further details will be communicated to shortlisted BIE readers. The BiEmpowerment Team Share on: WhatsApp Post Views: 14

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“I saw this on an online platform and thought to share, I hope our BIE readers learn some lessons from this. Enjoy” – Tokunbo Fasoro 1. Portugal is not a one-man team Lesson: Let people hold an opinion of you. You know what and who you are and what you can do under immense pressure. All you need is an opportunity to show it. 2. Ronaldo made France better. Lesson: Don’t eliminate your “best” competitor. Your competitor keeps you on your toes. If your competition is weak, good will be your better and better will be your best. 3. Portugal’s attack was blunted, but they did not concede a goal. Lesson: It is not how much money you make; it is how much is saved. If you are not making money, don’t lose money. 4. 85% of the spectators cheered France. Lesson: Crowd support is overrated. You are your greatest and best cheerleader. 5. Portugal held the ball in their half and made quick passes in France’s half Lesson: Victory/success is planned. A team hardly happens on success. 6. The odds were against Portugal Lesson: Don’t pay attention to the media and bookmakers. Give yourself a chance. 7. Despite his ...

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HAVE FUN WHILE AT IT! – Tokunbo Fasoro

One day, our team had to travel to Abuja for a meeting and we booked our ticket to arrive in Abuja for the meeting on time. Unfortunately, when we got to the airport, the flight had been moved. We were very upset about it, infact extremely upset because we were going to arrive late for the meeting. We shouted! We grumbled! We complained! We were so angry. We were practically looking for a face to punch but could not find a scape goat. We did that for a couple of hours until we realized that our shouting,grumbling, complaining and all our rants would not change the fact that we would still have to wait till the rescheduled flight time. At that point, we decided to have fun with it. We went into a restaurant,ordered food and began to chat; catching up on the old days. We were having so much fun; we did not realize that they had called our flight; they had even made the final boarding call. At some point, I decided to just go out and see what was happening. It was at that point, that I realized we were about to miss the flight. We then ...

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APPLY NOW! 2016 World Bank/EDC WomenX Scholarship Programme for Female Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

  The World Bank is awarding Scholarship to Female Entrepreneurs in Nigeria to learn at the Enterprise Development Centre. The World Bank in collaboration with the Enterprise Development Centre is giving Scholarship to Female Entrepreneurs in Nigeria through the WomenX Program. The WomenX program is aimed at providing practical business education through a blended learning approach for 5 months, a 6-month face-to-face and online mentoring, help strengthen their networks and create linkages to access finance. Over a 3 year period, a total number of 500 female entrepreneurs will be awarded this scholarship in Nigeria. Application Deadline: July 30th, 2016 Duration of WomenX program The program consists of 17 modules, delivered in 28 days (in-class and online) spread over 5 months and includes a mentoring period of about 6 months. The Enterprise Development Centre, Pan- Atlantic University in collaboration with The World Bank will Provide practical Business Education through a blended learning approach (online and in- class training) Help strengthen Female Entrepreneurs network Offer Mentoring Create linkages between financial institutions and Female Entrepreneurs. Eligibility Requirements: To be eligible for this program you need to: 1. Own a business in Nigeria. 2. Operate a business in a high-growth sector. 3. Business must ...

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