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THE POWER OF A DREAM – Tokunbo Fasoro

You can do it

I read a book titled the “Nigeria of my dream” written by Sam Adeyemi (Who actually is one of my mentors) While reading, I came across some inspiring and powerful quotes on ‘The power of dreaming” I thought to share with our BIE Readers. This could change a readers mindset forever. “There is nothing that man has created that did not exist first as a mental picture in picture in somebody’s mind” “A leader sees farther and further than anybody else. He or she has the capacity to see things, not just the way they are but the way they could be” “This world would never move forward without those who can see glory in the midst of shame”     “The moment a dream or a vision takes shape in your heart, the resources needed to make that vision a reality begins to flow towards you” “A dream inspires you to be persistent and to try again when you experience temporary setbacks” “What you believe is what you become” “What stops us from succeeding most of the time is not what we think we are but what we think we are not” Someone start dreaming! It actually all starts ...

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Habits of a Successful Speaker – Tokunbo Fasoro

Today, presentation is required in every field, every person or professional will at some point be called to speak publicly or do a presentation, it could be in an interview, workplace or a speech after collecting an award. When you listen to successful speakers you wonder “how do they do it?” the answer is hard work!‎ I remember my first speech was a very difficult one , I had goose pimples, my legs where shaking and I got distracted at every side talk, infact I practically shouted please stop distracting me. It was  a very horrible experience. But then I realized it was something I had to do often, I had to work hard at it .Here are some tips or habits of a successful speaker. 1. Have a clear goal for your speech Begin with the end in mind, have a clear goal of what you want your audience to know feel or do immediately after the presentation. Ensure you summarize your goal in a very declarative sentence in concluding. 2. It’s all about your audience Avoid too much ‘me’ in your introduction, remember the information is to serve them not you. 3.Practice makes perfect You start preparing as ...

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Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life – Tokunbo Fasoro

I remember fresh after service year, my friends and I were excited looking out for job opportunities. We just couldn’t wait to dress corporately and begin to earn some big money……….. so that we could go shopping. That was all we imagined. We had no career plan or professional path. Any job that could do this for us was good enough! In a couple of weeks, one of us got a marketing job and the pay was good. She could now dress corporately and of course she got a cute red car in addition. Boy, were we jealous! Sometime after she started work, I asked her if she was enjoying her job, and she said to me, “I don’t enjoy the job, but the money is good and the car is cute“. She added that all she wanted was to save up some money and move into the next job. Unfortunately, by the time she wanted to move, all the offers she got were for marketing positions because that was all the work experience she had acquired. She ended up changing jobs about 8 times within 10 years until she finally gave up to focus on learning professional makeup. I ...

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The Basic Employability Workshop was a huge success

The Basic Employability Workshop was a huge success, it was organized by the Barack Obama American Corner in collaboration with the YALI Network & BI Solutions Nigeria for Fresh Graduates, NYSC Members and Unemployed Youths and was held on May 23rd, 2016. The workshop commenced with registration at exactly 8:00am at the Barack Obama American Corner, 29 Gafar Animashaun Street,Victoria Island, Lagos. We had interesting Sessions with our facilitators on what it takes to properly plan your Career, What It means to be Employable, What Employers Want and a little exposition on Social Media engagement in job and career quest. Participants were educated and motivated, while taken personal decisions to implement what they have learnt and use the acquired knowledge positively to equip themselves for a fruitful and more engaging job and career hunt. Facilitators at the YALI Network Basic Employability Program included: Mrs. Tokunbo Fasoro who spoke on Career Planning. She emphasized that Career planning is a process of, thinking about your interests, values, skills and preferences; exploring work and learning options available to you; ensuring that your work fits with your personal circumstances and you end up doing what you are happy doing for the rest of your ...

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