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by Grace To Parent DESCRIPTION The Family Ball Celebrating Families | Glorifying God | Supporting Communities The Family Ball is the unforgettable family event of the year and is brought to you by Africa’s No 1 Positive Parenting platform Grace To Parent. Imagine an elegant wedding reception with lights and food and drinks and music and love and all the fun crowned with an amazing chairman’s speech and toasts to the couple…only there is no wedding and there is no couple, but the amazing atmosphere was created just for you and your family! Your husband and your wife and your children. Even for the single mother and her child and the single father and his blessings! You are the guest of honour and your children are your special dates! Whatever your family is made of THE FAMILY BALL IS FOR YOU! A time to connect, engage and learn with your family in the most fun and elegant setting. A judgement free place where we are all important in God’s eyes. A place we can always refer to as that moment that changed the course of our family dynamics. The Family Ball is going to be this and so much more. ...

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