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Standing Out in the Workplace – Tokunbo Fasoro

We have a lot of universities churning out graduates every year, the numbers of universities are increasing, the first class and second class upper recipients are increasing and employers are downsizing due to the economic situation in the country. These days, if they were to keep one person, or there is an opportunity for only a few people out of the whole group, what makes you stand out from the crowd? What makes you different or better than the other employees? Why should the organization keep you? Here are a few qualities you need to possess to stand out in workplace; Integrity:The organization should be able to trust you, believing that you will not exploit the organization. They should know you as possessing high moral standards. Being Responsible: When you feel personally responsible for her job performance, you get to work early, practice proper time management and meet your deadlines. Excellence: Most employees do not pay attention to quality and excellence, but employees with strong work ethics care about the quality of their work. They do their best to constantly produce a great piece of work. If all employees can work excellently, the organization’s productivity will improve. Discipline and Dedication: ...

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Working Your Way into Career Success – Tokunbo Fasoro

A lot of us make mistakes in our career choices because we do not plan. We assume that our grades can get us to our target careers. I was speaking with a group of students in a University in Lagos about how we have so many second class upper and first class candidates these days. In my own days, a whole department might just produce one second class upper and no first class student at all! Lol! On a serious note, this simply means that there is a lot of competition out there. The question is“What makes you stand out from the crowd?” This question led to my developing the acronym DPA, i would like to share with BIE readers today. Follow these steps and you will have a great chance at career success. Discover Prepare Act Discover:  Know yourself –“Who am I? What are my likes? What am I passionate about? Where do I see myself happy in the next 10 years?” A lot of people are miserable and stuck in the wrong careers just because they failed to take time to discover, who they really are. Prepare: Match those abilities, passion and who you are with a particular ...

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Rules and habits that can shape you into a great leader: Part 4 – Tokunbo Fasoro

Hello every one, we apologize for our unavailability over the weekend. It was due to technical issues.  But now we are back with a bang! Lol! Just to refresh your memory, we have been talking about how most successful leaders did not get there by accident; they learned and applied habits of great leaders. This is the Part 4 and the last part of our shaping a leader series. Be reasonable: You need to listen to everyone’s opinion and be fair in picking the most sensible one to adopt. Keep learning and improving: A great leader looks for every opportunity to learn. Read as much as you can, take classes when you have the opportunity and work on improving your skills and processes constantly. Never give up: You need to keep trying, not giving up. A little persistence does not hurt anyone and eventually might do the trick. Learn from your mistakes: Avoid making the same mistake twice. If something isn’t working, change your approach. Always give feedback: It is important you let your team know what they are doing well and what needs further improvement. A person usually feels motivated and would do better when they are told how ...

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Great leaders are not born they are made – Tokunbo Fasoro

Part of why we started the BI empowerment Blog is to ensure that we develop leaders as simply asby making sure they read our content on this platform.  All we need you to do is follow this series closely for the next few days.  Rules and habits that can shape you into being a great leader: Part One Being a great leader is not something that happens over night, you need to work hard at developing that skill.  It is achieved through discipline, hard work and commitment to continuous improvement through experience. So kindly follow, enjoy and share with your friends. Great leaders are not born, they are made. Here are a few rules or habits that can help you develop your leadership skills. They think of others first- It is not about you, but about the other person. Great leadership is always about “How can I serve this person or these people?” They crave for new things- The desire to learn more, the hunger for wisdom; they are open to feedback, new ideas, different opinions and views. They take responsibility- They take responsibility for their actions; they don’t push blame on other people. They listen to their team- Great ...

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NO PAIN, NO GAIN – Tokunbo Fasoro

Last week Monday, I left my house, situated at a certain area in Lagos by 5:27am. I had a training commencing at 8:00am, but I was stuck in traffic. I did not get to my destination in Victoria Island until 9:10am. I spent close to three and a half hours in traffic!! I looked out of my window and I saw people just like me who do this 5 or 6 times a week, I thought to myself, “Will I be doing this again tomorrow?” That was when I realized that for many of them on the street, it was a Yes. They had no choice. There was a reward at the end of it all. You can call it profit or salary, depending on the destination, but the point I am trying to make from this is “No Pain No Gain” My mind also flashed back to my aerobics class and the trainer who will never let us have any rest. He keeps pushing us to keep doing those very strenuous and painful exercises over and over again, telling us “No Pain No Gain” The moral of this is that nothing good comes easy, you need to keep pushing ...

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Are you an undergraduate, NYSC Member, fresh graduate, young professional, passionate entrepreneur or even a DSTV Super Sport Lover in our quest and passion of empowering young people by assisting as many as we can into discovering and building a successful career as well as inspiring young people into greatness. Hold the 1st edition of our quarterly Drink up section with Felix Awogu, The General Manager of SuperSport West Africa. This is a chance to relax, enjoy some great ambience, beverages of choice, socialize and Network with Mr. Felix Awogu while learning from his wealth of experience during the best time of the day – Happy Hour. Be one of the 6 Lucky BIE readers and get an opportunity to be inspired in a relaxed atmosphere with Felix Awogu, the General Manager Super sports West Africa on Saturday the 30th of July. To be shortlisted for the Drink Up, Comment with your full name and email address and tell us 3 sport channels on DSTV. Event venue and further details will be communicated to shortlisted BIE readers. The BiEmpowerment Team Share on: WhatsApp Post Views: 8

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“I saw this on an online platform and thought to share, I hope our BIE readers learn some lessons from this. Enjoy” – Tokunbo Fasoro 1. Portugal is not a one-man team Lesson: Let people hold an opinion of you. You know what and who you are and what you can do under immense pressure. All you need is an opportunity to show it. 2. Ronaldo made France better. Lesson: Don’t eliminate your “best” competitor. Your competitor keeps you on your toes. If your competition is weak, good will be your better and better will be your best. 3. Portugal’s attack was blunted, but they did not concede a goal. Lesson: It is not how much money you make; it is how much is saved. If you are not making money, don’t lose money. 4. 85% of the spectators cheered France. Lesson: Crowd support is overrated. You are your greatest and best cheerleader. 5. Portugal held the ball in their half and made quick passes in France’s half Lesson: Victory/success is planned. A team hardly happens on success. 6. The odds were against Portugal Lesson: Don’t pay attention to the media and bookmakers. Give yourself a chance. 7. Despite his ...

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Its Not The Last Hit That Breaks The Ice – Zika Nwaise

I remember one of the workshops we had where one of our speakers made a statement ‘Effort is good but result is better’. A person who has a dream that has not been developed is not recognized until that dream becomes a reality. Truly, it is good to dream big and paint a big picture of what we want and how we intend to start out in life but the thing is many of us keep on dreaming and do not know when to wake up and face reality. Even if it doesn’t look like you are getting that big picture anytime soon, it’s better to start something no matter how small it may be, it could even be a volunteer job in order to get you the experience you need for the bigger job. As Thomas Edison said, ‘Success is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration’ in other words, you need to take actions in other to bridge that gap between your dream and the reality of what you want. Never allow fear to stop you from taking actions, either the fear of failure i.e. thinking about “what if it doesn’t work?”or the fear of criticisms ‘what ...

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Are You Making Excuses?

You’re probably used to the words – “I don’t know how”, “It probably wouldn’t have worked anyways”, “I’m too busy” and so many others. You just can’t help coming up with ways to explain your inaction when something to be done crops up. Excuse-makers are usually seen as weak, lazy or cowardly. Although it’s an unfair generalization because we all make excuses once in a while. I’m sure most of us can remember times when we procrastinated and wasted days before starting a project and some of us can remember times we started immediately, and finished ahead of schedule. Procrastination can be dealt with in two simple ways: Organising your priorities and Breaking down discomfort Organising Your Priorities What’s more important to you right now? Expanding your finances? Succeeding academically? Improving the quality of your relationships? Excuse making is the result of conflicting priorities. When you don’t have a system for making decisions, the tendency is to just go with whatever feels best in the moment. You can clear this up by defining what your priorities are. The purpose is to aid when one event conflicts with another. If you have to decide between working on a school project and ...

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Opeyemi Awoyemi, Iyin Aboyeji, Audu Maikori, others to speak at The Edge Series Student Summit 2016

The Edge Series a human capacity development initiative of SwiftThink Limited is organising The Edge Series Student Summit (TESS 2016)  to bridge the gap between business and academic knowledge. TESS which is currently in its third edition would build up on last year’s edition and will focus on the theme ‘What are you saying?’. And it will concentrating on Sales and Marketing aimed at preparing young Nigerian students for a world where “everyone is selling something’’. The summit intends to help participants find a voice of their own, sharpen their presentation skills at all levels, teach relationship management and business etiquette rules, while providing a valuable head start for new businesses. Speaking on the TESS2106, Ayoola Jolayemi, CEO of Swift Think Limited said. The summit will provide presentation, writing and negotiating skills training in teaching sessions for anticipated 1000+ attendees. It will also facilitate practical business etiquette sessions as well as acquisition of basic start-up requirements like the registration of business names, business tools, website/blog marketing needs. The event is on Friday the 29th of July 2016 at the Shell Hall, MUSON Centre, Onikan, Lagos. Special guest of honour is Lagos State Commissioner for Youth and Social Development, Pharm (Mrs.) Uzamat Akinbile-Yusuf while a ...

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