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Sell yourself well at a job interview by Tokunbo Fasoro

Get the Job

Are you experienced and job searching? Sell your self well at a job interview and Get the Job!  Are you an experienced hire seeking to move jobs? And wondering what the interview would be like? Recently employers and HR managers tend to use carefully worded behavioral questions designed to expose your biggest weakness during interviews. Usually, they ask you about lengthy projects, you have been involved in, how your role evolved, how you handled pressures and difficult people. Well I have a few tips here that will definitely help you.. Arrange your work experience so it’s a perfect fit for the job. We hardly look at job responsibilities these days we want to see your experience and your achievements on the role, so your Cv should be carefully tailored along those lines. Ensure that you prepare your responses ahead of time; you will need to remember and give specific examples of experiences in your previous jobs. Interviewers want you to be practical and relate every required skill to your own experience in the past. Remember to explain the positive out comes. Also remember to use metrics to communicate value Be confident in your self-presentation. Emphasize on your strengths. Remember your ...

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Don’t be AFRAID to MOVE By Opeyemi Komolafe

Its time to move

IT IS TIME TO MOVE!!!!!!!!! I have a dear friend struggling with his job. He has taken a break from his career to help another friend get a start up company up and running. He gave himself a year to help them set up systems and structures then he will pull out and refocus on building his brand professionally. Right now he is at an impasse, or so it seems. His friend and the other partners are the most disorganized, uncommitted, unavailable and under performing bunch he has ever worked with. It has been over a year, and due to their inability to execute projects planned and to adopt recommendations made he hasn’t achieved anything. He wants to leave and focus on his own career, but knows that the second he walks away, the entire company will fold up. Knowing that a sign of failure in leadership is if things collapse in your absence, he is seemingly between the devil and the deep blue sea. IT IS TIME TO MOVE From experience, I have learned that a lot of high achieving professionals are caught in similar situations. They hang onto dissatisfying, dead-end jobs because they are afraid to make a ...

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BEYOND THE JOB, WHAT CAN YOU DO? I have mentioned in one of my previous posts how my mother sat me down one day and asked me “Opeyemi, if your certificates were taken away from you today, what skill have you acquired that can make money for you?” Needless to say, that statement echoes in my mind everyday. We live in a society that is basically focused of the number and variety of certificates you have, and this has driven the average individual towards getting more and more certificates/certifications. While getting extra certifications are good, it is more important to acquire skills that meet the needs of your current environment. Certificates are currently so sought after that at some point (a lot of employers are getting to this point already) the employer asks you at the point of entry, “Beyond what your CV states, if we employ you, what can you contribute to our team? What value can you bring to the table? What gives you an edge over the other candidates? What makes you an invaluable asset?” WHAT SOLUTION CAN YOU PROVIDE? The X-Factor that makes you different. Beyond the workplace, what solution can you provide, that will make ...

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Tips from Warren Buffet-2nd richest in America

The second wealthiest person in the United States The second wealthiest person in the United States Saw this online and thought to share… I hope you learn something from this. There was a one hour interview on CNBC with Warren Buffet, the second richest man who has donated $31 billion to charity. Here are some very interesting aspects of his life: 1. He bought his first share at age 11 and he now regrets that he started too late! 2. He bought a small farm at age 14 with savings from delivering newspapers 3. He still lives in the same small 3-bedroom house in mid-town Omaha, which he bought after he got married 50 years ago. He says that he has everything he needs in that house. His house does not have a wall or a fence. 4. He drives his own car everywhere and does not have a driver or security people around him. 5. He never travels by private jet, although he owns the world’s largest private jet company. 6. His company, Berkshire Hathaway, owns 63 companies. He has given his CEO’s only two rules. Rule number 1: do not lose any of your shareholder’s money. Rule number ...

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Future Leaders Connect

Dear Friend of British Council, Hope this correspondence finds you well. The British Council recently launched Future Leaders Connect: our brand new global network for emerging policy leaders. We think this might be relevant to the young people you work with, and would very much appreciate your support with sharing the opportunity. Future Leaders Connect is an opportunity for young people who want to seize their leadership potential, and become the next generation of policy leaders. We aim to connect exceptional young people (aged 18-35) from around the world who seek to change the world through policy making. Together they will develop their policy making expertise, make valuable connections and gain the skills to have real impact. Participants will be selected from Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tunisia and the UK. During nine days of policy and leadership development training in the UK between the 18th and 27th October 2017, they will engage with inspiring global leaders and take part in an immersive conference in the UK Houses of Parliament on the 24th October 2017. Participants and Parliamentarians will have the opportunity to discuss the most significant global issues facing the next generation. We hope that a ...

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Entreprenuers And Money- Opeyemi Komolafe

Its amazing the number of businesses which start each day. I don’t have statistics, but using the numbers from my circle of influence alone, they’re a lot.  A key question is “Why don’t some of them live beyond a month, six months or beyond its first cycle of product sale/delivery?” A lot of reasons could be the cause for this but a popular one is ‘LACK OF CAPITAL’. Excuse me, please what happened to the capital you started with, and the profit you made from your first cycle? Then you begin to hear answers like; “I had bills to pay”, “I paid myself a salary”, “I kept a few items for myself”, “I had to take care of some pressing needs”, etc It is fine to spend your profit on the above, but to spend your capital is completely unacceptable. A popular cliche in certain circles is “Don’t eat your seed because it is your future”. Your capital investment is necessary for continuity of your business, while your profit is important for expansion of your business. Eating up both of them leads to the death of your business. There is someone very close to me who is a sales guru. ...

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How I Got An Office Space Through Networking

There is a saying that “Even a lone ranger has a horse”. No man can live in isolation. When I ventured into entrepreneurship, I was working from home at the time. There was a need to get an office space and I had been praying desperately for one. At that time, I had started an Entrepreneurship Management class at the Pan Atlantic University and you can trust that I ensured I spoke to everyone in class. I would leave my group and go to other groups just to meet people. It was something I really loved doing. One day, in the middle of my program, I had a brilliant Idea, which today has grown into BI empowerment, but I didn’t know how to go about it then. I decided to have a chat with the Director of the program. As I began to describe my idea to him, he bluntly told me I could not pull the idea through without an office space, and in a polite way told me that our discussion would continue when I get this space. Extremely depressed and demotivated, I began to walk down the staircase confused in a confused haze. Immediately I got downstairs, ...

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The Keys To An Enduring Business

By Opeyemi Komolafe In the world today, we hear about so many businesses which do not outlive their creator/founder/owner. The business is meeting needs, providing goods and services for  thousands or even millions of clients, but shortly after the owner dies or retires, the business is run aground. As an entrepreneur, no matter what grand innovative ideas you have, no matter how fantastic your business acumen is, you cannot live beyond one lifetime. To ensure that your business; your legacy endures for generations: You must set up systems and structures. You must replicate yourself. You must pour yourself into others. You must select a group of future leaders into which you will transmit your way of doing things, your ideology, your creativity, your morality, your principles, your standards and your personality. It should be so effectively done that when you are absent, things should run as well as if you are on ground or even better. This select group of people should spend time with you getting to know how you think, how you react in situations, how you get inspired with ideas and what you envision the business to be.  You should have laid down documented policies and standard ...

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‘How Temi Siyanbade Found Her Passion’

Temi O. Siyanbade owns and runs her own private practice, The Law Office of Temi Siyanbade, a Houston-based law firm that provides legal services to help entrepreneurs and small business owners find direction, gain clarity, and increase profits. Tosin Legal Logo Temi loves what she does but must confess that her journey to this particular role has been extremely colorful to say the least. Temi was born in Providence, Rhode Island–the smallest state in the United States–to a young Nigerian couple. Her parents cherished their Nigerian roots and infused the rich culture into their home and everything they did. As a result, Temi, to this day considers herself the epitome of a “Nigerian-American.” As a child, she loved words and found that she was always interested in the precise use of words as a tool to create structure. She remembers drafting a contract regarding her chores and her weekly allowance when she was still in single digits. She was sure to get the contract signed by both of her parents giving her full access to her rightful allowance. Even though her parents eventually breached the contract, the desire to use words and law to structure relationships remained. Temi eventually went on to receive a B.A. in English from the University of Georgia and a J.D. ...

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BIE Entrepreneur of the week: Tunde Owolabi

We are proud to introduce TundeOwolabi as our first Entrepreneur of the week, enjoy. TundeOwolabi was born in Lagos, Nigeria.He is an artist, photographer and a designer. He studied painting under the tutelage of Professor Abayomi Barber, a renowned Nigerian artist at the University of Lagos, and later obtained a degree in Graphic Design from Yaba College of Technology. After his degree, Tunde became a freelance artist, a journey that led him to develop a keen interest in photography. He went on to study photography and photo retouching at the University of the Arts, London Tunde worked as a designer at the research studios, London under Neville Brody, English graphic designer, typographer and art director, working on accounts such as nickelodeon, Somerset House, Sofitel etc. On returning to Nigeria in 2009, he worked with Insight Communications, a most sought after advertising agency in Nigeria as an art director, working on brands such as Pepsi, Heineken, Mainstreet Bank, to mention a few. He started TundeOwolabi Studios in 2011, offering design and photographic services. Tunde left advertising in 2012, to start StudioMO, with a partner, while still running TundeOwolabi Studios. He has since become a full time studio artist photographer and designer. ...

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