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5 Common CV Blunders – Tokunbo Fasoro

Remember your resume creates your first opportunity to make a great impression on potential employers: 1. Telling untruths – Be honest about your skills, achievements & work history. A lot of people also lie about their age. Lots of times, lies and exaggerations will come back to you when employers do background checks. Sometimes an interviewer can tell just by looking at your academic record. Ensure you stick to the truth. 2. Listing irrelevant work experiences: Emphasize the relevant experience for the job you are applying for and stay focused. Listing everything you have done in your work-life might end up shooting you in the foot, as it will give an impression of a lack of career focus. 3. Copying and pasting job responsibilities from the internet: Employers can actually visit Google if they want to see job responsibilities. Employers want to see more of your exact experience on that job, and your achievement in that role. 4. Over the top designs: CV’s should be easy to open and view. Avoid pictures, use a common font and don’t get too creative with borders. Keep things simple. 5. Using an informal email address: The right email address can boost your professionalism. ...

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What are the best answers for “Why should I hire you”?

Most people will answer this question by talking about their experience or education, and add descriptions like ‘hard-working, loyal, team-leader, etc.’ THIS IS WRONG. You should always answer with what you will do to improve the company. What ideas do you have that will make life better for your interviewer? Lead with that. Why? Because you are selling yourself (don’t take that the wrong way) and you want to use proven and effective sales/copywriting strategies to do that. I have been studying copywriting lately, and one of the number one rules of copywriting is that you ALWAYS talk about benefits before features. In this situation, what you will do to make this company better, and to make life better for the person interviewing you, is a benefit to them. Your background/experience/education are just features that support your benefit to the company. Features may have gotten you in the door for the interview, but benefits will get you the job. Your benefit to the company is what will get you hired. Therefore, always answer this question with benefits first, followed by features only if relevant. For clarity, here is a list of benefits vs. features for a job interview. Benefits: I ...

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How to get a job through Networking – Tokunbo Fasoro

“The job you want may not be advertised at all” I remember at some point in my life, I took sometime time off work to have my baby and was ready to get back to work . One day I was with a neighbor, while chatting I mentioned that I was ready to get back to work. A few days later she called me and asked me if I was interested in a role. She said to me that the position just opened in an organization she was presently handling a project for, that the MD just mentioned it to her.  She immediately told the MD about me and I was scheduled for an interview and that was how I got the job. “The job was never advertised, my network got me the job” Lots of times, many jobs are not advertised. People get jobs through referrals all the time.  You just might know someone that knows someone that can get you that dream job. Social media have connected lots of people together, you definitely will have people in your network you have not seen years, some may just  be acquaintances, old classmates, colleagues etc, there will be definitely  someone ...

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