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10 Types of Interviews

Interviews come in all shapes and sizes: Sometimes you’re with just one interviewer, and other times it may be more. you maybe asked to lunch, expected to solve a problem, or even invited to a Skype interview. 1. The Traditional Interview This is the scenario you’ll face most often: You sit down with a solo interviewer and answer a series of questions designed to help him/her figure out if you’re a great candidate for the job. 2. The Phone Interview Asked for a phone interview? A call is typically a first-round screening to see if you’re fit to come in for a full interview, so nailing it is key. You’ll want to prepare just as you would for an in-person interview, with some key adjustments for the phone format. 3. The Skype Interview Skype video interviews take the phone-screening interview to the next level, and they’re becoming a regular part of the job application process for many companies. From choosing the right on-screen look to making sure all of your tech systems are a go, you’ll want to be 100% ready for your TV debut. 4. The Case Interview The case interview is a more specialized format in which you’re ...

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Six Unique Facts of Integrity

One day, a friend said to me… “Let us write 8:00am on the attendance register, no one will know”. But I thought about it, and decided to write the exact time I got there which was about 8:30am. Unfortunately, there was a major issue in the office and those who got to the office between 8:00 – 8:15am were being interrogated. I just smiled. Sometimes, we think it’s better to go the easy way, but it’s not always profitable. The single most important quality you can ever develop that will improve every area of your life is Integrity. Integrity is the foundation of a good character. Integrity is honesty, and to be honest with others means you have to be honest with yourself. Here are some reasons on why Integrity should be a core value for you. 1. It makes you stand out:  People tend to depend on you when you are a man of your word in an environment where being straight forward is scarce. 2. It makes you successful:  People of integrity are honest people and honest people are people who do things right. Doing the right things would take you far as it creates a good reputation for you and your business. 3. It makes you a good leader ...

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What are the best answers for “Why should I hire you”?

Most people will answer this question by talking about their experience or education, and add descriptions like ‘hard-working, loyal, team-leader, etc.’ THIS IS WRONG. You should always answer with what you will do to improve the company. What ideas do you have that will make life better for your interviewer? Lead with that. Why? Because you are selling yourself (don’t take that the wrong way) and you want to use proven and effective sales/copywriting strategies to do that. I have been studying copywriting lately, and one of the number one rules of copywriting is that you ALWAYS talk about benefits before features. In this situation, what you will do to make this company better, and to make life better for the person interviewing you, is a benefit to them. Your background/experience/education are just features that support your benefit to the company. Features may have gotten you in the door for the interview, but benefits will get you the job. Your benefit to the company is what will get you hired. Therefore, always answer this question with benefits first, followed by features only if relevant. For clarity, here is a list of benefits vs. features for a job interview. Benefits: I ...

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5 Female Entrepreneurs in Nigeria Who Have Inspired Me – Zika Nwaise

Hey everyone, hope our Tuesday is going as cool as it can be. Guess what, I decided to share with us this write up on these beautiful successful women who have been a source of inspiration to the society. As for the guys in the house, don’t feel so sad and just watch out for who is coming up next. In the meantime I hope you are all inspired because I am beaming with so much excitement from the inspiration I just got. Enjoy!!! Mosunmola Abudu The talk show host, usually known as Mo Abudu, is the CEO & host of a TV talk show, Moments with Mo. She is also the founder of The Inspire Africa Foundation.  Mo Abudu is not only a talk show host but also a TV producer, media personality, human resources management consultant, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mo Abudu launched Ebony Life Television, “Africa’s first Global Black Multi-Broadcast Entertainment Network” in 2006. Though she was a successful human-resources executive for oil giant ExxonMobil, her heart was set on migrating from the boardroom chair to the chat-show sofa but her challenge was the fact that she had no TV experience whatsoever so she attempted to contact the ...

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Questions you can ask in an interview

At some point in an interview, an interviewer will ask if you have any questions. At this point, not asking questions can send the wrong messages like you aren’t interested or not prepared or you are not able to think. In light of this, it is essential that you ask questions. Prepare a number of questions to ask the interviewer because some questions you prepared might get answered during the interview. Below are questions that you could ask the interviewer: 1. What will it take to make me successful in this role? This shows the interviewer that you have interest in the position and are willing to be successful if given the opportunity. 2. Is there growth prospect in the organization? This shows the interviewer that you are a visionary and see yourself rising in the organization. It also shows the interviewer that you intend to stay in the company for a while. Besides you wouldn’t want to work in a company where there are no opportunities for you to grow. 3. What is your company’s culture like? This sends a message that you want to fit in as fast as possible and that’s an attractive feature to be known with. ...

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Ten Ways to Ruin a Job Interview

Job interview

Five – Ten minutes into a job interview can determine whether you get the job or not. We – HR professionals – don’t need more than that during any job interview. From the first question, we know if we are going to hire you.  Having a wonderful resume does not qualify you for a job, it qualifies you get an interview. Both ends needs to be taken cared of. You’ve sent out countless resumes and have finally been called in for a job interview. This is the point where you can make it or break it. If you perform well, you may finally get the job you’ve been looking for. Then again, if you commit one of these 10 ways to ruin an interview, you’ll be walking away with nothing to show for it. These do’s and don’ts should prepare you for the interview so you don’t make any mistakes. DO’S AND DON’T BEFORE ANY JOB  INTERVIEW 1. You didn’t research the company. 2. You came in late. 3. You didn’t dress for the part. 4. You kept the interview negative. 5. You gave canned responses. 6. You didn’t ask any questions. 7. You let your nerves get the best ...

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How to Answer the Job Interview Question

Job Interview

“What’s your greatest weakness?” is the question that no one ever quite knows how to prepare to answer. This single question has the power to determine in one swift blow whether you are a potential asset or a liability to a prospective employer. Answering the Question Let’s take a look at what we don’t ever want to say first, and why. Never, never, never choose a weakness that demonstrates your inappropriateness for the job: The “Strength in Disguise” Weakness What do I mean by a “weakness that is really a strength in disguise”? Let me give you examples of such “weaknesses”: A. People Pleaser: “It’s important to me that everyone gets along in the workplace. In the past I have always gone the extra mile to help out whenever it is necessary in trying not to disappoint or let anyone down.” B. Workaholic: “In taking things to extremes, I have found that it is easy to get burned out by not balancing my time very well. I now however have a Day Planner to better organize and schedule my time, making sure I achieve a balance so that I can still be a valuable player.” C. Self Critic: “I feel ...

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