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Highlight from the Employability Workshop

Employability Workshop

Saturday, July 14th was an amazing time at the recently held Employability Workshop. Participants were greatly impacted as they learnt about how to plan their careers, set career goals and create action plans for achieving their goals with Tokunbo Fasoro, skills employers want and how to develop these skills with Tosin Adekanmbi, they also learnt how to communicate before getting a job, talking about things as little as having a conversation with a friend to a referral or even an interview panel with Zika Nwaise and How to use your social media handles to sell yourself and get your desired job with David Williams. Sessions were interesting and engaging with our facilitators as participants were already taking personal decisions to implement what they had learnt and use the acquired knowledge positively to equip themselves for a fruitful and more engaging job and career hunt. There was also a breakout surprise session as participants took out time to wish a member of the BI Solutions team a happy birthday which was accompanied with some gifts and cake.   In summary, the workshop was educative and fun filled and we look forward to impacting more youths. Share on: WhatsApp Post Views: 305

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Sell yourself well at a job interview by Tokunbo Fasoro

Get the Job

Are you experienced and job searching? Sell your self well at a job interview and Get the Job!  Are you an experienced hire seeking to move jobs? And wondering what the interview would be like? Recently employers and HR managers tend to use carefully worded behavioral questions designed to expose your biggest weakness during interviews. Usually, they ask you about lengthy projects, you have been involved in, how your role evolved, how you handled pressures and difficult people. Well I have a few tips here that will definitely help you.. Arrange your work experience so it’s a perfect fit for the job. We hardly look at job responsibilities these days we want to see your experience and your achievements on the role, so your Cv should be carefully tailored along those lines. Ensure that you prepare your responses ahead of time; you will need to remember and give specific examples of experiences in your previous jobs. Interviewers want you to be practical and relate every required skill to your own experience in the past. Remember to explain the positive out comes. Also remember to use metrics to communicate value Be confident in your self-presentation. Emphasize on your strengths. Remember your ...

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LOOKING FOR A JOB? There are basic skills employers look for.

10 skills employers want

Soft skills employers want. It is obvious that we do not learn many of the skills employers want in school. Some people who were smart enough to have done holiday jobs would have had the opportunity to acquire some of these skills, but then, how do the ones who didn’t get such an opportunity manage when they find themselves aiming for the same jobs as those people who seem to be at an advantage? Many times employers test for these skills during interviews, unknown to the candidate. I have had experiences with many Job seekers who have been attending interviews for a long time but haven’t been able to secure any job. For many I discovered they had issues with communication;these candidates have really poor CV writing and verbal communication skills and these are actually two major skills employers look out for. Here are a few skills that every job seeker must develop: Excellent communication skill is very important. Skilled communicators get along with colleagues. They listen and understand instructions and they pass their thoughts and suggestions across without being aggressive. Time management: This is about prioritizing the most important tasks and dealing with actions that will produce the maximum ...

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Building a Successful Career and procrastination

Building a Successful Career and procrastination I met an old friend some time ago, this person had been one of the best students in school at that time and when we began to discuss, I found out that he had been on the same position for many years and had not gotten a pay raise in over 5 years. It was a real heart break to learn that someone with so much potential was suffering from career stagnation. He complained that at some point,  he was looking forward to getting promoted to a particular position but unfortunately the organization recruited someone else to fill the position, and he felt cheated. I asked for his CV, and realized that all he had in the last 11 years was his first degree. He had not obtained another degree or another certification, and it was evident that there was no effort made on personal development. I told him that if I were his manager, I would have done the same. Without realizing it, most of us retreat into our comfort zones and never leave it. We just retreat, forgetting that the world is revolving and things are changing. The degree you had yesterday ...

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LOOK….WHAT DO YOU SEE? – Opeyemi Komolafe

Doing back to back interviews have further revealed that most prospective job seekers don’t see beyond getting a steady income. The question ” Where do you see yourself career wise in the next 5-10 years?” is often met with confusion, agitation or or at best  uncertain hesitation. Those who are deemed confident and eloquent enough to respond will reel off a list of contradicting and inversely proportional plans that cause the interviewer’s jaw to drop in amazement.  I interviewed someone yesterday for a position as an educationist, the fact that all he had was a National Diploma in Estate development was not what puzzled me, the fact that he had no plans of furthering his education (remember he wants to be an educationist!) was not what amazed me, it was the fact that his career plans for the next 5-10 years was plainly ” I want to be employing people to be working as my labour” is what completely knocked my socks off!!!!!    EVERYONE HAS A DREAM Everyone on earth has that as a dream. It is the vaguest and most ambiguous plan anyone can have.  The error in grammatical construct and the fact that he came in sagging ...

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Opportunity Meets Preparation-Tokunbo Fasoro

Tokunbo Fasoro

OPPORTUNITY MEETS PREPARATION I was in the states and I was chatting with a young man who had just lost a big opportunity. Immediately after high school, he got a job. He was lucky to have gotten that job, because for a high school graduate, it was a very good one. For nine years, he worked diligently, and had gotten himself a decent house, car and a comfortable life. He looked forward to the day he would be promoted to finally head the department where he worked. Unfortunately, a new policy was sent out stating that only college graduates were eligible to apply for that position. He did not have a degree, and as a result, he lost out. He learned a very big lesson that day, that “opportunity waits for no one.” After this incidence, he enrolled for a four-year college degree and was ready to work hard and earn the qualifications that would take him to the next level. If he had done this earlier, he would have been saved time, and gained a promotion. Preparation is key. In life, you need to be ready always, because you never know when or in what manner an opportunity could ...

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‘All fingers are not equal, must yours be the shortest?’ Tokunbo Fasoro

The first time I heard that statement from one of my mentors, I laughed and laughed but it’s just the honest truth. A lot of people find themselves in situations that look so difficult and a lot of people just give up at that point. I was chatting with a lady who was 34 years old and was battling with low self-esteem. She had dropped out of school and she said to me “I don’t even know where to start”. Given up on being someone great, she kept blaming her inadequacies on her past and has accepted the back seat position in life. I went on to share a book I read with her titled ‘Woman of Persistent Faith’ by Akiesha Keke Taylor , who after going through so much in life, didn’t give up, found her feet and decided to start all over again. Today, her story is impacting and changing lives. Keke refused to remain in that situation; she fought hard until she got out of it. I love the story of Jabez in the Bible whose mother named him pain, because she went through so much pain having him. As he grew, the name reflected on his life, but one day he decided that “NO! Enough is enough”. ...

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Keep Learning Raising my children has taught me that you should be careful what you mention to a child because you will be quoted verbatim even if you have reconsidered your stance on that subject. One day, my daughter was ranting on how she hates school and doesn’t understand why she needs to always read while I got to do whatever I liked. I remember saying ” My dear daughter, I have finished studying all the books I want to study in my lifetime, anything after those are optional. You, on the other hand have a long way to go, and I’m not even seeking your opinion. You must have a good education”. My six (6) year old wailed louder and walked away.  Back to present day: The dynamism and competition in the workplace and business sphere today has driven me back to those books. I envision my daughter laughing at me the moment she realizes that I have no option as well. There are nights that father, mother and children in my home have their noses in one piece of literature or the other. To remain relevant in the world today, continuous learning is not optional, it is mandatory. ...

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Ways To Stay Motivated When Searching For A Job

The job search can be frustrating and draining, but here’s how to keep your spirits up and boost your chances of getting hired. The ability to get — and stay — motivated during a job hunt is one of the most critical skills for anyone looking for work. This is especially true today, when it takes considerably more time and energy to find employment than it did a decade ago. TIPS: Be realistic about the job-search time frame. Brace yourself for the inevitable speed bumps of a job search. For example, don’t expect to land an interview within a week or two of starting your hunt. Believe in yourself. Like a successful salesperson, you must believe that what you’re selling has value. When looking for a job, you’re essentially selling yourself and your experience. Take a project-management approach. Break down the search process into a series of goals, spread out over time. For example, give yourself one week to draft a resume & cover letter. Other suggested milestones: Within one month: Network face to face with 15 to 20 people who could help you find work. Within three months: Secure three job interviews…etc Evaluate your progress. Take time out once ...

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What Do Recruiters Look Out For Recruiters complain day after day on how there is a shortage of skilled manpower in the labor market. I could interview 15 different ‘qualified’ candidates for a role and be amazed at how short they fall from the mark. The universities churn out graduate and postgraduate students every year, yet recruiters search endlessly for the right candidate; that square peg to fit the square hole.  You have an interview that you are qualified to the teeth for. You’ve memorized all the jargon you’ve been told recruiters want to hear. You have donned the right outfit to appeal to the widest range of personalities. After the interview you could swear that you nailed it, yet you never got called for a second interview. Let me give us an idea of some subtle things recruiters assess, but would never be caught dead stating as a reason for not selecting you. Ideas Your breath: If you have an interview, please do not eat spicy food or onions. Even if you are too nervous to eat, kindly have a mint before you go in. Bad breath is a major turn off for recruiters. Your smell: If you have ...

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