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Career Growth versus Career Development

Career Planning

Career Growth versus Career Development Pitching career growth versus career development doesn’t make them completely unrelated but it doesn’t make them the same thing either. Is it possible to use them interchangeably? The answer is no but they are both very crucial to your career advancement. It’s time to set the records straight – They do not mean the same thing. We will take a good look at what each one means as well as how they affect your career in the short-term and in the long-term. What is Career Growth?   Career growth is the process of moving from one point of the corporate ladder to another. Promotions is one of the most popular ways through which career growth is achieved. For example, if you join a trusted recruitment firm as a sales executive and rise through the ranks to become the Lead, Sales Team over a period of 18 months, then this is career growth – Notice how your designation and responsibilities have changed? This is what you achieve with career growth. If you are hired by a company in 2021 as a creative designer and by 2023, you become the creative director, this is called career growth. ...

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EVOLVE…changing the World through HR practices

HR Award and induction ceremony

Only the evolved command relevance in a changing world of work. HR leaders must consciously evolve in their various organizations to command the attention of business leaders. Relevance through evolution is a conscious process because either you are prepared for it or not the world is evolving and current best practice will fail to deliver result. HR LEADERS can influence the world through HR practice. Therefore, if we fail to touch our world, we have failed in our role. Managing for disruption needs unusual methods and processes. As a result , only those who can come up with new processes and methods can survive at the speed of change. Its either you learn how to thrive or die.  A must attend. Share on: WhatsApp Post Views: 8

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25Nuggets for Starting on The Right Foot in your Career

It’s finally here. “25Nuggets for Starting on The Right Foot in your Career” all Glory to God. This is a journey of over 18 months. It highlights “Secrets to Career Success, Breaking the Ceiling, Successful Entrepreneurship, The Exceptional Curriculum Vitae and Winning at Interviews”. All written from personal experiences and  the experience I gained on the job as an HR Consultant and an Entrepreneur working and interacting with young people. A very interesting and practical book for every young person who wants to succeed in their personal and professional lives. Made very affordable so every young person can afford it. It’s 1,500 Naira only. Of course you can decide to pay more or buy 50 books or more to impact the youths in your environment, church or in the universities. Share on: WhatsApp Post Views: 1

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Wrap Up November With These 3 Tech Events

This week marks the end of November, 2016 with quite a few tech events happening. The tech events happening this week are all about networking and learning from peers in the industry. Here is a list of tech events happening this week (Tuesday, 29th November – Monday, 5th December 2016) that I think may be worth your time. The Hustle Grind in Abuja The Hustle Grind, organised by Dayo Koleowo, co-founder of Abuja-based ChowHub, is an entrepreneurial community that brings successful local entrepreneurs, innovators, startup founders and investors together to share lessons learnt on the road to building their companies. At The Hustle Grind this month, Angel Adelaja, the chief executive officer of Fresh Direct will share lessons learnt on the road to building her company, amongst other things. You can register here if you’re interested in attending. Date: Tuesday, 29th November, 2016. Time: 5:30pm – 7pm. Venue: Enspire Incubator, 2 Zambezi Crescent, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Abuja, Nigeria. Andela Technology Leader Expo: Kent Beck The Technology Leader Expo aims to create opportunities for different types of Tech Leaders in the world to interact with Andelans and the Lagos tech community. Kent Beck, the creator of Extreme Programming and founding father of Agile development, will ...

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It’s not news that the Nigerian Economy is in recession, and some other economies across the the world especially oil dependent countries and we just thought that i‎t would be great to do a write up on ways to survive the recession so our BIE readers especially our young entrepreneurs can be guided. I spoke to a mentor of mine I call her Auntie Hetty and she was kind enough to put this together for us which she culled from various sources. Please read carefully. Many businesses are likely to fold up with money scarce in countries affected by the recession , leading to job losses and poverty. With inflation and high exchange rate the banks will not be able to give loans and when they do the interest rate will be too high to afford. With high inflation those with paid salaries are now actually earning less, that is if they will be lucky to keep their jobs… Below are tips of survival in this period. 1. Cash is going to be King and whoever has it or has access to it should preserve it. 2. Spend less than you earn; SAVE for the rainy day. 3. Cut down ...

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6 Entrepreneurship Lessons From Joke Bakare, MD, Medplus

Medplus was not a dream Joke Bakare had always carried. Before she started Medplus, she was just another bright pharmacist who had interned at University College Hospital Ibadan, served the nation at Military Hospital on Awolowo Way, worked with Right Aid Pharmacy in New York after obtaining a New York license to practice Pharmacy, and had a brief part-time job at Cleanipharm Pharmacy on her return to Nigeria. At the time she started, the concept of pharmaceutical chains, where one could have a pharmacy in different locations, was not one people were used to. Here are 6 key lessons from her transition into entrepreneurship: Not being sure of what you want does not necessarily signal failure. Many people think you need to know exactly what you want to do from a young age and go for it, but not everyone follows that path to success. Joke Bakare never really wanted to become a pharmacist; neither did she want to study Medicine because of the duration. She simply was not sure what she wanted to do. Her father, God rest his soul, suggested Pharmacy to her since she had distinguished herself in Chemistry as a secondary school student. She went with his ...

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Highlights from Pitman Training – Tokunbo Fasoro

Wednesday was a great day at Pitman Training Lagos with Mrs. Abimbola Soluade and her team. I was invited to come in and share my story with the participants. I spoke on how I struggled through my childhood and the many obstacles I faced trying to get an education. I told them that the only reason I was able to meander those dark moments was through GHARP. Lol!… I am sure you are wondering what ‘GHARP’ means. God Factor- Never ignore the power of prayers, it kept me going. Hardwork- I kept putting my best into everything I did. Association- I surrounded myself with people who supported me and helped me grow. Great mentors. Resilience- I was persistent and determined to succeed so I kept on pushing. Never give up. Positivity- I had to get rid of negative thoughts and negative people around me. Some day, I would share my story on this platform… Watchout!!! The participants were also excited to have Opeyemi Omotosho and Titi Olono, who are my friends and classmates from secondary school share from their wealth of experiences as well. It was a fulfilling experience. Enjoy viewing other pictures from the training… Tokunbo Fasoro #EmpoweringPeople ...

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FGCK Class Of 96 Set, Empowering Lives On Their 20th Reunion Anniversary – Tokunbo Fasoro

It was an awesome experience for me on the weekend of 7th-9th of October 2016 at my Alma mata- Federal Government College Kaduna, where I finished secondary school exactly 20 years ago. We had people come into Kaduna, Nigeria from all over the world to celebrate a momentous reunion. It was an emotional experience for me, considering the fact that I hadn’t seen so many of my classmates in 20 years, and every one looked extremely wonderful. Some of my colleagues and I thought that it would be a great opportunity to talk to the students and empower them to success by talking about our personal experiences. It was extremely impactful as the students kept talking about knowledge they had gleaned from the talks and what they have decided to change about themselves. We empowered over 3,000 students. Just thought to share some pictures with you. It was an awesome event as we shared our individual life experiences during and after FGCK with these young and dynamic minds and we hope our visit will empower them all to dream big knowing that if they can think it they can do it. May we be friends forever, thank you all. Tokunbo ...

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Creating Solutions That Add Value – Stanley Awelewa

“People often ask me what advice I would give someone who wants to start their own company. My answer is that Every good company I can think of started with someone caring about changing something, not someone deciding to start a company. Instead of trying to build a company, focus on the change you want to see in the world, and keep pushing forward.” – Mark Zuckerberg Imagine Mark Zuckerberg walking into your office on a hot and sunny afternoon with his trademark Tee-Shirt! That sounds like a fairy tale right? But it is not. It happened in Lagos, Nigeria, as Mark, oh so casually strolled into the Yaba office of Co-Creation hub (CCHUB) and ANDELA respectively. What differentiates these two start-ups? And why was Mark interested? You may ask. They are basically solution based Tech start-ups with the sole aim of adding value to organizations and individuals. While CCHUB is a co-creation hub that allows ideas to thrive by incubating and accelerating several start-ups in their hub, and also ensuring that their basic needs are met for enhanced productivity. ANDELA is a start-up basically aimed at training the next generation of IT personnel and geeks in Africa from their ...

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3 Resolute Personalities that inspire me – Oladimeji Oluwaga

Hello guys, it’s another beautiful Tuesday today and we have decided to share with you three Resolute Personalities that have inspired one of our BIE reader, Oladimeji Oluwaga. Read and be inspired… Faith Abiodun After coming across his Public Speaking School in University of Ibadan-The Speech Academy- where I started to nurture my skills in public speaking, I sort out to find the person whose force was strong enough to put together my super tutors in persons of Goodness Kolawole, Adebayo Damilola and Banke and also The F.A.I.T.H Initiative that is filled with brilliant minds inside and outside the walls of the premier University. The answers were not far-fetched as he as a topic and reference still graced the discussions of agent of revolutions like himself, though he had graduated few years earlier from the institution with a degree in Geography after being found worthy in character and learning. Crowned champion of the most competitive public speaking competition in his alma mater University of Ibadan-Super Bowl where he inspired me with his wits and logic, most especially his build up and delivery when giving a speech. He is a very practical and hands on person, though I have had no ...

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