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Road To Success: Who do you associate with?

Tokunbo Fasoro

Road To Success I remember growing up, I always had horrible things to say about myself; I was the ugliest girl in my class, my nails looked horrible, I even lied that I was an Igbo girl forgetting my name was Tokunbo – A Yoruba name (somehow, I thought there was more dignity in being Igbo). I would want to bleach/tone my skin because I felt that maybe if I was lighter, I would be prettier. Of course I got bullied a lot, because I felt all my friends were better than me and it was a privilege to be counted as one of their friends. I remember getting myself a boyfriend all because I wanted to ‘Feel Among’…….. that’s the word! Nothing serious, I wouldn’t even communicate with him because I felt it was a privilege that someone thought I was attractive enough to be dated. I would barely even say a word around him.The point for me still remained the fact that I; the ugly ducking had a boyfriend. Well… it lasted only a couple of weeks, I overheard someone say that my boyfriend couldn’t stand my dull attitude and so the relationship was over. This inferiority complex continued through my time in the University and finally my service year. Who do you associate with? I keep thanking God for making sure I was posted to platoon 2. I’m sure even God was tired of my dull attitude and said “Enough is enough!!” (LOL!!!). In that platoon, I met a young lady; who unknown to me had seen more in me than I saw in myself. She would always shout and scream at me whenever I said something negative about myself. She would tell me to shut up and then begin to tell me how much greatness I had in me, how I could actually become who I wanted to be. She made me believe that I could become great in the future. Imagine being stuck with that kind of person for 3 weeks, your life will definitely change! There in NYSC camp, I set a 10 year goal and I achieved it in 9 years. WOW… how my life had changed, and with the help of God, I have been able to inspire people, impact lives, help people find jobs through the BI Empowerment platform, mentor young ladies who had similar issues growing up, as well as help young people become successful in their personal and professional lives. The crux of the matter is “Who do you associate with?” You have three (3) weeks of camp, one (1) year to serve, career seminars, conferences, training programs etc You have an opportunity to network with new people, to meet with some amazing people that can inspire you to greatness or push you out of your comfort zone. You might meet that person who will encourage you to take that big leap unto your road to success and lead you to make an impact; adding value to someone’s life. The question is “Who do you associate with?” Written by Tokunbo Fasoro BIEmpowerment Share on: WhatsApp Post Views: 76

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Bisolutions is recruiting to fill these positions in a Pharmacy

Pharmacy recruitment

We are recruiting to fill these positions: A Pharmacy is looking to fill these roles: Location: Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. Pharmacist Manager Responsibilities: Overall management and responsibility of the pharmacy Lead the management of a professional and productive team. Delivery of company targets, staff management and patient safety. Improve efficiency and the smooth running of day to day tasks at the pharmacy Ensure all legal and good practice regulations and obligations are met by the staff Ensure a Responsible Pharmacist is present at all times, during contracted hours, and the business is trading during these hours with no disruption. Manages a group of pharmacists who, under the direction of a physician, compound and dispense prescribed drugs. Oversees daily pharmacy operations. Monitors and audits drug inventory, ensures compliance with all regulatory guidelines and reporting. Manages subordinate staff in the day-to-day performance of their jobs. Ensures that project/department milestones/goals are met and adhering to approved budgets. Has full authority for personnel actions.  Qualifications: Right candidate must be self-motivated with excellent communication skills and other managerial qualities. Typically requires 5 years’ experience in the related area as an individual contributor. 1 to 3 years supervisory experience may be required. Requirements: Managerial experience within ...

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Who To Negotiation With A Potential Investor

There are too many people that think raising money is like an episode of Shark Tank. You say, “I’m raising $XM at a valuation of $YM” just like they do on Shark Tank. Not only does providing a valuation makes you look like an amateur, providing a valuation can reduce the value of your company. Let me explain… In any negotiation, you should always let the other side provide a price first. Yes, you have to be emotionally strong because of the effect of anchoring, but… It’s always possible that you will get an offer at a price much higher than you expected. And you blow that opportunity the second you put a price out there first. So, absolutely be clear about how much money you’re raising. That’s the right way to go. But stay away from providing a valuation. The market (potential investors) will determine what your company is worth. Then you can always say, “No thank you” if you don’t like what you hear. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a plan when you negotiate. You absolutely should have a plan. And you should have an idea of what you believe your company is worth. But understand the ...

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10 Ways to Know If You Have a Great Business Idea

Good Ideas Ready to take on the world of entrepreneurship? In order to find startup success, you need a great business idea. But a winning business idea is more than just something you’re excited about or good at — you have to make sure your idea is actually viable. Business News Daily asked experts how you can tell if your business idea is poised for success. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself before pursuing your business idea Does it solve a problem? Entrepreneur and co-founder of the Web design school The Starter League Mike McGee thinks the best business ideas are those that solve a problem in some way. “If there is a problem that affects you, your friends, family, co-workers, etc., then the chances are high that it affects people you don’t know as well,” McGee said. It’s paying customers who validate an idea and determine which ones have the greatest chance for success, said Wil Schroter, co-founder and CEO of Fundable. “An idea is just an idea until you have a paying customer attached to it,” Schroter said. “Anyone can discredit a simple idea, but no one can discredit paying customers.” What’s your price point? Charlie Harary, founder and partner ...

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Challenges New Entrepreneurs Face Pt2

Hi BIE readers , you can refer to the part 1 of this post. Here… not to miss out on the points, for those just reading this, this is a brief introduction to the post. ‎ The economy is not smiling in a lot of countries in the world right now, especially countries that were totally dependent on oil as income. A country like Nigeria has been one of the greatest ones hit since the fall in oil prices and this has led to a lot of pay cuts, job losses and a hard time for employers to even pay salaries. This situation has forced a lot of people to seriously begin considering entrepreneurship like never before. Here are the final 6 challenges you may face as a new entrepreneur and ways to conquer them. 7. Dealing with the stress of not having a steady income: To me, that was one of the greatest challenges I faced. Many times I would say to myself, “Wow! I should have received a credit alert today, if I was still under paid employment”! At those difficult times, it is your passion for rendering the service that keeps you going. 8. Managing your money: ...

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How To Successfully Pitch Your Business

magine this scenario. You’re in a meeting with a major potential customer. And this one customer can make or break your business. You have to win this deal or your business is going to fail. Or imagine this scenario. You’re raising money. The potential investor seems really excited about you and your company. And this meeting will likely determine your fate. Or imagine this scenario. You’re recruiting a really talented potential new employee. The potential new employee has asked you to present your plan.   Are you ready? Because you only have seven quick seconds to win or lose the deal, get the funding, or hire the really talented employee. That’s it, seven quick seconds. You may have even less time if your pitching to investors. People make buying decisions very quickly. Then they spend the rest of their time with you justifying their decisions   So what can you do to grab your audience’s attention in less than seven seconds? I introduced my brother to a friend who could be a potential client last week. My friend called me yesterday and said he was going to work with my brother. Here’s what my friend said about his meeting with ...

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Entreprenuers And Money- Opeyemi Komolafe

Its amazing the number of businesses which start each day. I don’t have statistics, but using the numbers from my circle of influence alone, they’re a lot.  A key question is “Why don’t some of them live beyond a month, six months or beyond its first cycle of product sale/delivery?” A lot of reasons could be the cause for this but a popular one is ‘LACK OF CAPITAL’. Excuse me, please what happened to the capital you started with, and the profit you made from your first cycle? Then you begin to hear answers like; “I had bills to pay”, “I paid myself a salary”, “I kept a few items for myself”, “I had to take care of some pressing needs”, etc It is fine to spend your profit on the above, but to spend your capital is completely unacceptable. A popular cliche in certain circles is “Don’t eat your seed because it is your future”. Your capital investment is necessary for continuity of your business, while your profit is important for expansion of your business. Eating up both of them leads to the death of your business. There is someone very close to me who is a sales guru. ...

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How I Got An Office Space Through Networking

There is a saying that “Even a lone ranger has a horse”. No man can live in isolation. When I ventured into entrepreneurship, I was working from home at the time. There was a need to get an office space and I had been praying desperately for one. At that time, I had started an Entrepreneurship Management class at the Pan Atlantic University and you can trust that I ensured I spoke to everyone in class. I would leave my group and go to other groups just to meet people. It was something I really loved doing. One day, in the middle of my program, I had a brilliant Idea, which today has grown into BI empowerment, but I didn’t know how to go about it then. I decided to have a chat with the Director of the program. As I began to describe my idea to him, he bluntly told me I could not pull the idea through without an office space, and in a polite way told me that our discussion would continue when I get this space. Extremely depressed and demotivated, I began to walk down the staircase confused in a confused haze. Immediately I got downstairs, ...

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Working With Your Friend As A Co Founder

I read this articles online and  I could completely relate to it,  I had once found myself in the same situation sometime ago and also didn’t handle it well. Reading this article made me realize the mistakes I made. Be inspired when learning from this. Should I Work With My Best Friend As Co founder? By Brett Fox I had a very close friend who was a co-founder of my company.  Here’s what happened: “You have an EQ of zero!” Ken yelled at me. “What the hell is an EQ?” I asked. “Perfect!” Ken screamed back. Then he hung up the phone. Those were the last words Ken ever said to me. Just like that a twenty-year friendship and business relationship ended forever. Ken was a co-founder of my company. More importantly I considered him a close friend. I had lunch with Ken the day before to have our weekly 1:1. I pushed him pretty hard at lunch because he wasn’t performing well. I looked down at Ken’s feet and he wasn’t wearing socks. It triggered a memory of when we were raising money. We were in a diligence meeting with a VC and I vividly remembered the VC looking ...

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The Keys To An Enduring Business

By Opeyemi Komolafe In the world today, we hear about so many businesses which do not outlive their creator/founder/owner. The business is meeting needs, providing goods and services for  thousands or even millions of clients, but shortly after the owner dies or retires, the business is run aground. As an entrepreneur, no matter what grand innovative ideas you have, no matter how fantastic your business acumen is, you cannot live beyond one lifetime. To ensure that your business; your legacy endures for generations: You must set up systems and structures. You must replicate yourself. You must pour yourself into others. You must select a group of future leaders into which you will transmit your way of doing things, your ideology, your creativity, your morality, your principles, your standards and your personality. It should be so effectively done that when you are absent, things should run as well as if you are on ground or even better. This select group of people should spend time with you getting to know how you think, how you react in situations, how you get inspired with ideas and what you envision the business to be.  You should have laid down documented policies and standard ...

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