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The last three months have been a busy and wonderful period for the BI Empowerment team, as it marked the beginning of the project empower Oworo. LOCATION: Oworoshoki, Popularly known as Oworo is an overpopulated low class settlement located on the mainland area of Lagos state. It is accessible from Diya Street, Ifako Gbagada and also from the Third Mainland Bridge. PROJECT VISION: Due to the high rate of poverty in oworo, the standard of living of the people is very low. The goal of the BI empowerment team is to empower at least 80 youths and 20 women by helping them to acquire business skills, sending youths back to school and also help existing businesses to expand by granting loans. MISSION: The BI empowerment team has been able to train about 50 women and youths in acquiring different skills and soon afterwards startup capitals would also be given to the beneficiaries of the skill acquisition program. Youths interested in acquiring skills in the technical field have also been enrolled in a vocational school. Through this project, a lot of people will be able to emancipate themselves and their families from their current level and improve their standard of living. ...

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Bisolutions is recruiting to fill these positions in a Pharmacy

Pharmacy recruitment

We are recruiting to fill these positions: A Pharmacy is looking to fill these roles: Location: Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. Pharmacist Manager Responsibilities: Overall management and responsibility of the pharmacy Lead the management of a professional and productive team. Delivery of company targets, staff management and patient safety. Improve efficiency and the smooth running of day to day tasks at the pharmacy Ensure all legal and good practice regulations and obligations are met by the staff Ensure a Responsible Pharmacist is present at all times, during contracted hours, and the business is trading during these hours with no disruption. Manages a group of pharmacists who, under the direction of a physician, compound and dispense prescribed drugs. Oversees daily pharmacy operations. Monitors and audits drug inventory, ensures compliance with all regulatory guidelines and reporting. Manages subordinate staff in the day-to-day performance of their jobs. Ensures that project/department milestones/goals are met and adhering to approved budgets. Has full authority for personnel actions.  Qualifications: Right candidate must be self-motivated with excellent communication skills and other managerial qualities. Typically requires 5 years’ experience in the related area as an individual contributor. 1 to 3 years supervisory experience may be required. Requirements: Managerial experience within ...

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Tokunbo Fasoro Mentorship program.


Stand out amongst your mates by enrolling in the Tokunbo Fasoro Mentorship program. This programme will help you get a job you love, perform better and help fulfill your career potential! Designed by qualified professionals who know exactly what employers are looking for. They have experience in recruitment, industry dynamics, performance management, working with high performing teams and coaching graduates across a variety of industries. Benefits It helps you • Develop confidence and a deep insight into who you are. • Prepare you for the world beyond studies. • Explore your skills and strengths then match you with potential career choices. • Research the type of organization and role you see your self in within the next five years and how to get there. • Draw up a clear plan that will make you track your progress towards your ambition and your career goals. • Articulate the value you can add to your future employer. • Build your 5 year career plan. Course design: Online, you can learn from anywhere in the world, simply with a computer, a tablet or a mobile device. Click here to sign up for Tokunbo Fasoro Youth Mentoring Program. Share on: WhatsApp Post Views: 129

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Building a Successful Career and procrastination

Building a Successful Career and procrastination I met an old friend some time ago, this person had been one of the best students in school at that time and when we began to discuss, I found out that he had been on the same position for many years and had not gotten a pay raise in over 5 years. It was a real heart break to learn that someone with so much potential was suffering from career stagnation. He complained that at some point,  he was looking forward to getting promoted to a particular position but unfortunately the organization recruited someone else to fill the position, and he felt cheated. I asked for his CV, and realized that all he had in the last 11 years was his first degree. He had not obtained another degree or another certification, and it was evident that there was no effort made on personal development. I told him that if I were his manager, I would have done the same. Without realizing it, most of us retreat into our comfort zones and never leave it. We just retreat, forgetting that the world is revolving and things are changing. The degree you had yesterday ...

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LOOK….WHAT DO YOU SEE? – Opeyemi Komolafe

Doing back to back interviews have further revealed that most prospective job seekers don’t see beyond getting a steady income. The question ” Where do you see yourself career wise in the next 5-10 years?” is often met with confusion, agitation or or at best  uncertain hesitation. Those who are deemed confident and eloquent enough to respond will reel off a list of contradicting and inversely proportional plans that cause the interviewer’s jaw to drop in amazement.  I interviewed someone yesterday for a position as an educationist, the fact that all he had was a National Diploma in Estate development was not what puzzled me, the fact that he had no plans of furthering his education (remember he wants to be an educationist!) was not what amazed me, it was the fact that his career plans for the next 5-10 years was plainly ” I want to be employing people to be working as my labour” is what completely knocked my socks off!!!!!    EVERYONE HAS A DREAM Everyone on earth has that as a dream. It is the vaguest and most ambiguous plan anyone can have.  The error in grammatical construct and the fact that he came in sagging ...

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Opportunity Meets Preparation-Tokunbo Fasoro

Tokunbo Fasoro

OPPORTUNITY MEETS PREPARATION I was in the states and I was chatting with a young man who had just lost a big opportunity. Immediately after high school, he got a job. He was lucky to have gotten that job, because for a high school graduate, it was a very good one. For nine years, he worked diligently, and had gotten himself a decent house, car and a comfortable life. He looked forward to the day he would be promoted to finally head the department where he worked. Unfortunately, a new policy was sent out stating that only college graduates were eligible to apply for that position. He did not have a degree, and as a result, he lost out. He learned a very big lesson that day, that “opportunity waits for no one.” After this incidence, he enrolled for a four-year college degree and was ready to work hard and earn the qualifications that would take him to the next level. If he had done this earlier, he would have been saved time, and gained a promotion. Preparation is key. In life, you need to be ready always, because you never know when or in what manner an opportunity could ...

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Future Leaders Connect

Dear Friend of British Council, Hope this correspondence finds you well. The British Council recently launched Future Leaders Connect: our brand new global network for emerging policy leaders. We think this might be relevant to the young people you work with, and would very much appreciate your support with sharing the opportunity. Future Leaders Connect is an opportunity for young people who want to seize their leadership potential, and become the next generation of policy leaders. We aim to connect exceptional young people (aged 18-35) from around the world who seek to change the world through policy making. Together they will develop their policy making expertise, make valuable connections and gain the skills to have real impact. Participants will be selected from Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tunisia and the UK. During nine days of policy and leadership development training in the UK between the 18th and 27th October 2017, they will engage with inspiring global leaders and take part in an immersive conference in the UK Houses of Parliament on the 24th October 2017. Participants and Parliamentarians will have the opportunity to discuss the most significant global issues facing the next generation. We hope that a ...

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Entreprenuers And Money- Opeyemi Komolafe

Its amazing the number of businesses which start each day. I don’t have statistics, but using the numbers from my circle of influence alone, they’re a lot.  A key question is “Why don’t some of them live beyond a month, six months or beyond its first cycle of product sale/delivery?” A lot of reasons could be the cause for this but a popular one is ‘LACK OF CAPITAL’. Excuse me, please what happened to the capital you started with, and the profit you made from your first cycle? Then you begin to hear answers like; “I had bills to pay”, “I paid myself a salary”, “I kept a few items for myself”, “I had to take care of some pressing needs”, etc It is fine to spend your profit on the above, but to spend your capital is completely unacceptable. A popular cliche in certain circles is “Don’t eat your seed because it is your future”. Your capital investment is necessary for continuity of your business, while your profit is important for expansion of your business. Eating up both of them leads to the death of your business. There is someone very close to me who is a sales guru. ...

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What if you don’t fail – Zika Nwaise

Hello guys, trust we are already in the weekend spirit. I just thought to give us something to chew on over the weekend, I hope you find it inspiring. So many times, I hear people say, ‘What if it doesn’t work?’, ‘What if I don’t get it right?’ or ‘What if it doesn’t come out right?’. But they hardly say, ‘What if it does work?’ or ‘What if it becomes the best?’. How would we know if we do not try. I was once in a state of dilemma about either taking a risk and going into a particular business or just keeping my money in a fixed deposit account and watch it grow gradually. After so much conflicting opinions from friends and family, a dear friend told me I had two options; either go after what I wanted or remain where I was, and that of these two options, only one could guarantee a different result. And then it struck me, I had never taken the risk of starting up anything but had always admired my friends whose businesses were blooming, so I decided to take a risk. Now what I’m trying to say is, let us not allow ...

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10 Ways to Know If You Have a Great Business Idea (PART 2)

Business News Daily asked experts how you can tell if your business idea is poised for success. Here is Part 2 to 10 questions to ask yourself before pursuing your business idea click here to see Part 1   Are you passionate enough about it? Your business will likely take up all of your time, so make sure you’re passionate enough about it to make it successful. “Since starting a business requires an inordinate amount of time, energy and patience, ideally, the idea will be one that you are passionate about, as well as one that you have skills or experience [in],” said Melissa Bradley, executive-in-residence and director of entrepreneurship and innovation at the Kogod School of Business at American University. Are you open to advice? If you’re not open to changing or adapting your idea to fit what your customers will want, your business idea might not be worth pursuing. “Success happens when you are willing to listen and consider others’ advice,” said Angie Yasulitis, CEO and managing partner at YaZo Marketing and Business Development Strategies. “Most good ideas take some tweaking to get to market. Being closed-minded is a business killer.”   How will you market your business? Many entrepreneurs think about ...

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