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HAVE FUN WHILE AT IT! – Tokunbo Fasoro

One day, our team had to travel to Abuja for a meeting and we booked our ticket to arrive in Abuja for the meeting on time. Unfortunately, when we got to the airport, the flight had been moved. We were very upset about it, infact extremely upset because we were going to arrive late for the meeting. We shouted! We grumbled! We complained! We were so angry. We were practically looking for a face to punch but could not find a scape goat. We did that for a couple of hours until we realized that our shouting,grumbling, complaining and all our rants would not change the fact that we would still have to wait till the rescheduled flight time. At that point, we decided to have fun with it. We went into a restaurant,ordered food and began to chat; catching up on the old days. We were having so much fun; we did not realize that they had called our flight; they had even made the final boarding call. At some point, I decided to just go out and see what was happening. It was at that point, that I realized we were about to miss the flight. We then ...

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5 Movies That Have Inspired Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs face a lot at different times of their career, sometimes they need to find inspiration. Movies are a good source of inspiration and they teach a lot. A film can give an entrepreneur insights on behaviors of other entrepreneurs, motivation during tough situations and inspiration when at a road block. Here are some movies that every entrepreneur should watch: JOY: This 2015 movie is top on the list because it is not an everyday story, but it is a true story. It is a little different from silicon valley’s kind of entrepreneurship. It shows a woman who started from nothing and invented a mop that people use around the world. She was faced with a lot of obstacles, but one thing she had was resilience; she never gave up and it led to her success. Watch the trailer. THE INTERN: This 2015 movie tells a story of an old man/retired advertising professional who saw an advert of a start-up company employing old people as interns, he applied and was placed to work with the CEO who is an entrepreneur. He watches how she battled with her company, gives her professional advice and assists her on various accounts. It is a ...

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Go the Extra mile

An important principle of success in all walks of life and in all occupations is a willingness to ” Go The Extra Mile “; which means the rendering of more and better service than that for which one is paid, and giving it in a positive mental attitude. Search wherever you will for a single sound argument against this principle and you will not find it, nor will you find a single instance of enduring success, which was not attained in part by its application. We would love to share a story with you and we hope you will in some small way benefit from this story… Sometime last year, I was working as a barber somewhere on the Island. It was a hectic Friday and at 5:55 pm (5 minutes before closing), this man walked in. I told him that we already closed (shame on me). He said that he had to fly out that evening for a meeting tomorrow morning in Abuja, and he needed his hair done (his hair was a whole lot of mess), and our shop was the only place that was still opened. My colleagues were already “cutting eye for me” from the back, ...

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Resume Tips for Job and Career Fair

Whether you’re a recent graduate seeking your first position or an experienced professional in search of a new opportunity, attending job and career fairs is one way to network and find job leads. Job fairs allow you to meet HR managers from various companies and industries, all housed under one roof for the day. These tips will help you make the best impression. Research Job Fair Companies It is usually possible to obtain a list of employers participating in a job fair ahead of time. The best-prepared candidates will have already spent time researching corporate cultures of the participating companies. Develop Multiple Versions of Your Resume After you’ve done your homework, tailor your resume based on your job objective, and consider bringing multiple versions to the career fair. Once candidates have done their research on participating companies, they can create a few different resumes targeting these companies. For example, someone interested in finance can research typical job titles and types of responsibilities and then create several different versions accordingly. They also might create one resume targeted to working for banks and another one tailored to working for the finance division of a large firm. You should also prepare a general ...

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THE POWER OF A DREAM – Tokunbo Fasoro

You can do it

I read a book titled the “Nigeria of my dream” written by Sam Adeyemi (Who actually is one of my mentors) While reading, I came across some inspiring and powerful quotes on ‘The power of dreaming” I thought to share with our BIE Readers. This could change a readers mindset forever. “There is nothing that man has created that did not exist first as a mental picture in picture in somebody’s mind” “A leader sees farther and further than anybody else. He or she has the capacity to see things, not just the way they are but the way they could be” “This world would never move forward without those who can see glory in the midst of shame”     “The moment a dream or a vision takes shape in your heart, the resources needed to make that vision a reality begins to flow towards you” “A dream inspires you to be persistent and to try again when you experience temporary setbacks” “What you believe is what you become” “What stops us from succeeding most of the time is not what we think we are but what we think we are not” Someone start dreaming! It actually all starts ...

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Take responsibility and be in control – Tokunbo Fasoro

Sometime last month a friend was talking to me about a brilliant business opportunity and she needed a partner to get the job done and immediately we recognized who would just fit into the role. But as soon as his name was mentioned, guess what she said? “I cannot work with him on this project because he will not take it seriously ” then I asked why? And she said ‘while working with him in the same organization, I noticed he regularly comes late to work and that is an organization where he is under authority so imagine if he was to do stuff himself, he would never take it seriously’. In conclusion, he lost the opportunity. Well I don’t know if her assumptions where right or not but the point remains that his not being able to show responsibility on his present job, made him lose the fantastic offer. Sometimes we just do stuff without realizing someone may just be watching and you will surely be remembered in a positive light or in the negative light when the opportunity comes. Reliability is an amiable characteristic, a person who does as promised is responsible and reliable. People don’t like dealing ...

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Getting A Job You Don’t Have Requirements For


By Tokunbo Fasoro Are you ready for one of the best-kept secrets of the job search process? Unless the person doing the hiring has previously worked in the exact role he’s trying to fill, a fair amount of the job description is guesswork. Think about it: HR managers have to write a description that will simultaneously entice people to apply and ward off those who wouldn’t qualify for an interview. Also, haven’t you heard stories of a person who “met all of the qualifications” being passed over in the final stages for someone who “seemed like a better fit?” Probably so—because a company would much rather hire the candidate with two years of experience who seems like she could hit the ground running than someone with the requisite five years who failed to demonstrate strong communication skills. So what’s a job seeker who doesn’t quite meet all the requirements in a position description to do? Ask Yourself if You Could Do the Job Notice that we didn’t suggest asking, “Do you want the job?” or even, “How much do you want the job?” Honestly, those questions are irrelevant. It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about working in a foreign ...

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