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Body language mistakes even experienced professionals make


You may have chosen the perfect words for the meeting, the presentation, or the one-on-one conversation, but if your body language isn’t in sync, your message won’t stick. Moira Lawler, Monster contributor You’ve mastered the firm handshake—congrats! But don’t stop there: Body language in the workplace goes way beyond that. Think about it: You can only get out so many words per minute (yes, even you fast talkers out there), but your body gives off thousands of messages in that same stretch of time, says Patti Wood, an Atlanta-based body language expert and author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma. Problem is, many managers and senior execs don’t pay attention to their body language. “They have two conversations going on: the verbal conversation and the nonverbal conversation,” says Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D., a California-based body language expert and author of The Silent Language of Leaders: How Body Language Can Help—or Hurt—How You Lead. “And the nonverbal can either support or sabotage what they say.” Read through these six common mistakes to see if your body language is working against you. Mistake #1: You’re making too much (or too little) eye contact Without eye contact, you’re telling ...

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Bisolutions is recruiting to fill these positions in a Pharmacy

Pharmacy recruitment

We are recruiting to fill these positions: A Pharmacy is looking to fill these roles: Location: Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. Pharmacist Manager Responsibilities: Overall management and responsibility of the pharmacy Lead the management of a professional and productive team. Delivery of company targets, staff management and patient safety. Improve efficiency and the smooth running of day to day tasks at the pharmacy Ensure all legal and good practice regulations and obligations are met by the staff Ensure a Responsible Pharmacist is present at all times, during contracted hours, and the business is trading during these hours with no disruption. Manages a group of pharmacists who, under the direction of a physician, compound and dispense prescribed drugs. Oversees daily pharmacy operations. Monitors and audits drug inventory, ensures compliance with all regulatory guidelines and reporting. Manages subordinate staff in the day-to-day performance of their jobs. Ensures that project/department milestones/goals are met and adhering to approved budgets. Has full authority for personnel actions.  Qualifications: Right candidate must be self-motivated with excellent communication skills and other managerial qualities. Typically requires 5 years’ experience in the related area as an individual contributor. 1 to 3 years supervisory experience may be required. Requirements: Managerial experience within ...

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Transit from Paid Employment to Entrepreneurship?

Are You Ready to Transit from Paid Employment to Entrepreneurship?

In recent times, I’ve had to share how I plan my finances with friends and they are usually intrigued like seriously!!! I particularly remember the look on @tokunbofasoro a few weeks ago when I told her my journey through my finances and how effective planning has helped me to not just support my family but also help me build a business out of my passion. Last year, I saved about 52% of my income monthly asides insurance for children’s higher institution and other miscellaneous saving. I was coaching a client last year who wanted to quit 8-5pm but had to provide guidance on how to make the exit smoother on her and the family. @iamtoyinakinlade once gave an advice to intending entrepreneurs, who are currently employees, to make adequate financial plans for their exit. This is so valid. People have left their jobs for ENTREPRENEURSHIP and what they got was ENTREPENURSHIP. This year, as you set goals to start the business of your passion, come and learn the following: Few tips to put your dreams to test. How to juggle your job with your passion before you quit Planing your finances to support that goal Getting ready financially before you ...

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5 reasons why you should follow your Passion.

Solar Media

Follow your Passion and success will follow I kept watching the photographer during a photo-shoot and all I could see was passion. Ironically, he came into our office quite ill. He said he had a headache and his body ached but during the shoot it seemed like an untruth. It looked to me that he was not even conscious of how he felt and he just kept going; climbing stools, kneeling and lying down to shoot. All I could see was a guy that is extremely passionate about what he does. I then asked him a question? “You seem to be very happy with what you do” and he said to me, “I enjoy every moment of it” He went on to tell me that he studied Microbiology and graduated with a second class upper, but unfortunately, Microbiology is not his thing. “I am a very creative person who gets pleasure from designing stuff” he said. That was how he knew he needed to do something else. He discovered photography and the shooting of videos. He fell in love with it and started attending functions – shooting for free. Here he is today, a successful entrepreneur! Now the question is: ...

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Candidates are NEEDED in various companies.

Are Jobs Available At All Levels

Business Development Manager Location:  Ikoyi, Lagos. Job Objective To market the clinics product and services. Requirements Minimum first degree (HND/BSC) A Master’s Degree will be an added advantage Minimum three years experience in Clinical Marketing, Business Development or related experience. Key Responsibilities Collaboratively develop a clinical marketing strategy for short- and long-term strategic marketing plans. Create and deliver both scientific and clinical product-related presentations, seminars and educational programs to business partners, clinicians, and internal staff ensuring content matches audience need and background. Cultivate collaborative relationships with prospective clients. Advise on medical and scientific marketing/product material in conjunction with product management and marketing. – Provide clinical and customer input to internal teams as it related to the use of our products and positioning with key customer groups. Salary 200,000 – N250, 000 monthly Qualified candidates should please send CVs to using Clinical Marketer as subject of the mail. Executive Assistant A Lagos based holding company with subsidiaries in real estate, oil & gas, telecommunications and mortgage banking is in need of qualified candidates to fill the following vacancies; Executive Assistant – Operations & Business Development; Real Estate. Executive Assistant – Legal, Finance & Admin. REQUIREMENTS The candidates must meet the ...

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BEYOND THE JOB, WHAT CAN YOU DO? I have mentioned in one of my previous posts how my mother sat me down one day and asked me “Opeyemi, if your certificates were taken away from you today, what skill have you acquired that can make money for you?” Needless to say, that statement echoes in my mind everyday. We live in a society that is basically focused of the number and variety of certificates you have, and this has driven the average individual towards getting more and more certificates/certifications. While getting extra certifications are good, it is more important to acquire skills that meet the needs of your current environment. Certificates are currently so sought after that at some point (a lot of employers are getting to this point already) the employer asks you at the point of entry, “Beyond what your CV states, if we employ you, what can you contribute to our team? What value can you bring to the table? What gives you an edge over the other candidates? What makes you an invaluable asset?” WHAT SOLUTION CAN YOU PROVIDE? The X-Factor that makes you different. Beyond the workplace, what solution can you provide, that will make ...

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LOOKING FOR A JOB? There are basic skills employers look for.

10 skills employers want

Soft skills employers want. It is obvious that we do not learn many of the skills employers want in school. Some people who were smart enough to have done holiday jobs would have had the opportunity to acquire some of these skills, but then, how do the ones who didn’t get such an opportunity manage when they find themselves aiming for the same jobs as those people who seem to be at an advantage? Many times employers test for these skills during interviews, unknown to the candidate. I have had experiences with many Job seekers who have been attending interviews for a long time but haven’t been able to secure any job. For many I discovered they had issues with communication;these candidates have really poor CV writing and verbal communication skills and these are actually two major skills employers look out for. Here are a few skills that every job seeker must develop: Excellent communication skill is very important. Skilled communicators get along with colleagues. They listen and understand instructions and they pass their thoughts and suggestions across without being aggressive. Time management: This is about prioritizing the most important tasks and dealing with actions that will produce the maximum ...

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Building a Successful Career and procrastination

Building a Successful Career and procrastination I met an old friend some time ago, this person had been one of the best students in school at that time and when we began to discuss, I found out that he had been on the same position for many years and had not gotten a pay raise in over 5 years. It was a real heart break to learn that someone with so much potential was suffering from career stagnation. He complained that at some point,  he was looking forward to getting promoted to a particular position but unfortunately the organization recruited someone else to fill the position, and he felt cheated. I asked for his CV, and realized that all he had in the last 11 years was his first degree. He had not obtained another degree or another certification, and it was evident that there was no effort made on personal development. I told him that if I were his manager, I would have done the same. Without realizing it, most of us retreat into our comfort zones and never leave it. We just retreat, forgetting that the world is revolving and things are changing. The degree you had yesterday ...

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Ways To Stay Motivated When Searching For A Job

The job search can be frustrating and draining, but here’s how to keep your spirits up and boost your chances of getting hired. The ability to get — and stay — motivated during a job hunt is one of the most critical skills for anyone looking for work. This is especially true today, when it takes considerably more time and energy to find employment than it did a decade ago. TIPS: Be realistic about the job-search time frame. Brace yourself for the inevitable speed bumps of a job search. For example, don’t expect to land an interview within a week or two of starting your hunt. Believe in yourself. Like a successful salesperson, you must believe that what you’re selling has value. When looking for a job, you’re essentially selling yourself and your experience. Take a project-management approach. Break down the search process into a series of goals, spread out over time. For example, give yourself one week to draft a resume & cover letter. Other suggested milestones: Within one month: Network face to face with 15 to 20 people who could help you find work. Within three months: Secure three job interviews…etc Evaluate your progress. Take time out once ...

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Are You Recommendable? – Tokunbo Fasoro

Are you Recommendable? I went to an organization to deliver a training on Personal Effectiveness. While I was speaking, a man stood up and complained bitterly about how the Nigerian economy is so bad, with a high rate of unemployment, and how four (4) of his children who are graduates are at home with no jobs. I decided to have a chat with him after the training where I asked him to send one of them to me. After speaking with her, I discovered she had very poor communication skills and I asked myself, “Can I actually recommend her to any of our clients?” The honest truth is that communication is one of the most vital qualities we look out for during interviews. Every job seeker needs to do an appraisal on how good your communication skills are. I have put down a few tips on how to improve your communication skills. Read good books: Books that would help in building your vocabulary like novels, inspirational books or even your primary school English textbooks can help improve your communication. Association: Interact with people who have excellent command of English that will in turn rob off on how you communicate. Watching ...

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