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Highlights from Pitman Training – Tokunbo Fasoro

Wednesday was a great day at Pitman Training Lagos with Mrs. Abimbola Soluade and her team. I was invited to come in and share my story with the participants. I spoke on how I struggled through my childhood and the many obstacles I faced trying to get an education. I told them that the only reason I was able to meander those dark moments was through GHARP. Lol!… I am sure you are wondering what ‘GHARP’ means. God Factor- Never ignore the power of prayers, it kept me going. Hardwork- I kept putting my best into everything I did. Association- I surrounded myself with people who supported me and helped me grow. Great mentors. Resilience- I was persistent and determined to succeed so I kept on pushing. Never give up. Positivity- I had to get rid of negative thoughts and negative people around me. Some day, I would share my story on this platform… Watchout!!! The participants were also excited to have Opeyemi Omotosho and Titi Olono, who are my friends and classmates from secondary school share from their wealth of experiences as well. It was a fulfilling experience. Enjoy viewing other pictures from the training… Tokunbo Fasoro #EmpoweringPeople ...

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Apply For The World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program

The World Bank Group is offering PhD students from Nigeria and other sub-Saharan African countries the opportunity to get hands-on experience with development research and policy making by registering for its Africa Fellowship Program. Successful applicants will work for a minimum of six months at the World Bank’s headquarters in Washington D.C., or in one of its country offices. The Africa Fellowship Program of the World Bank was initiated in 2013 by World Bank Africa Vice President, Makhtar Diop; it was conceived as a program which would ensure the continuous training of world-class development policy experts from the Africa, especially women. These fellows would, the institution hopes, go on to help countries across the continent thread the right path to sustainable economic development. It also opens the door to a possible career with the World Bank Group. Areas in which fellows will be working include economic policy, technical assistance to countries, and lending. They will have access to the World Bank’s impressive range of datasets, which they will use in research work, to be documented and presented to staff. These papers could also be published internally by the bank if they are considered to meet its standards. They have the ...

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Standing Out in the Workplace – Tokunbo Fasoro

We have a lot of universities churning out graduates every year, the numbers of universities are increasing, the first class and second class upper recipients are increasing and employers are downsizing due to the economic situation in the country. These days, if they were to keep one person, or there is an opportunity for only a few people out of the whole group, what makes you stand out from the crowd? What makes you different or better than the other employees? Why should the organization keep you? Here are a few qualities you need to possess to stand out in workplace; Integrity:The organization should be able to trust you, believing that you will not exploit the organization. They should know you as possessing high moral standards. Being Responsible: When you feel personally responsible for her job performance, you get to work early, practice proper time management and meet your deadlines. Excellence: Most employees do not pay attention to quality and excellence, but employees with strong work ethics care about the quality of their work. They do their best to constantly produce a great piece of work. If all employees can work excellently, the organization’s productivity will improve. Discipline and Dedication: ...

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Rules and habits that can shape you into a great leader: Part 4 – Tokunbo Fasoro

Hello every one, we apologize for our unavailability over the weekend. It was due to technical issues.  But now we are back with a bang! Lol! Just to refresh your memory, we have been talking about how most successful leaders did not get there by accident; they learned and applied habits of great leaders. This is the Part 4 and the last part of our shaping a leader series. Be reasonable: You need to listen to everyone’s opinion and be fair in picking the most sensible one to adopt. Keep learning and improving: A great leader looks for every opportunity to learn. Read as much as you can, take classes when you have the opportunity and work on improving your skills and processes constantly. Never give up: You need to keep trying, not giving up. A little persistence does not hurt anyone and eventually might do the trick. Learn from your mistakes: Avoid making the same mistake twice. If something isn’t working, change your approach. Always give feedback: It is important you let your team know what they are doing well and what needs further improvement. A person usually feels motivated and would do better when they are told how ...

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THE POWER OF A DREAM – Tokunbo Fasoro

You can do it

I read a book titled the “Nigeria of my dream” written by Sam Adeyemi (Who actually is one of my mentors) While reading, I came across some inspiring and powerful quotes on ‘The power of dreaming” I thought to share with our BIE Readers. This could change a readers mindset forever. “There is nothing that man has created that did not exist first as a mental picture in picture in somebody’s mind” “A leader sees farther and further than anybody else. He or she has the capacity to see things, not just the way they are but the way they could be” “This world would never move forward without those who can see glory in the midst of shame”     “The moment a dream or a vision takes shape in your heart, the resources needed to make that vision a reality begins to flow towards you” “A dream inspires you to be persistent and to try again when you experience temporary setbacks” “What you believe is what you become” “What stops us from succeeding most of the time is not what we think we are but what we think we are not” Someone start dreaming! It actually all starts ...

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