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Career Development Service for American Immigrants.

American immigrants

Career Development Service for American Immigrants. With our Career Development Services, you will be prepared to tackle the American job Market for American immigrants. BI Solutions Nigeria in partnership with My Job Shine have one mission and one mission only: helping you maximize your career potential in the United States of America. How do we do it? By ensuring that you have all the opportunities, knowledge and information necessary to achieve every single milestone in your career’s growth in the USA. As experienced, highly qualified Career Development Specialists, we pride ourselves on our years of experience in various organizations including some of the United States’ Fortune 500 companies, with seasoned professionals who have worked their way from entry level to management. We can provide top-quality career assistance uniquely tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Call 07037269161 Share on: WhatsApp Post Views: 382

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Beginner Mistakes To Avoid In choosing A Career – Tokunbo Fasoro

A lot of young people end up with the wrong career for different reasons and they find out that they are very unhappy but stuck in that career. For the lucky few who can get out, they have to start building another career from scratch after losing valuable time. I have outlined 6 beginner mistakes in choosing a career so that you can avoid that pitfall. 1. Yielding to Family Influence: A lot of parents these days, especially in Africa, box their children into a corner and would not let them express themselves. A lot of parents want their children in ‘prestigious’ career paths such as the legal and medical profession, but the question is “Will you be happy living your life as a lawyer? Or a doctor?” Please do not be influenced by your family. Caving to Peer Pressure: ‘All my friends are going into this profession, I would also like to do it’. Will it make you happy? Allowing the Poor University structure chart your course: Here in Nigeria, a lot of students are forced into the only courses that are available in their universities. It’s more about availability and less or none of passion Seeking Money: A ...

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Are You Stuck In A Career That Doesn’t Make You Happy? – Tokunbo Fasoro

A good number of people are scared and unhappy with their jobs, they are afraid that they may be stuck in that job for the rest of their lives. In my experience as an HR Consultant, I have had a lot of people walk up to me telling me they hate what they do, they dread going to work, and they have been stuck with those feelings on that job for years. I remember a time I changed jobs because I wanted to try something new in a different environment. I would always look forward to Fridays because of the upcoming weekend, meanwhile, Sundays were the unhappy days because I would have to go back to an environment I dreaded for the next five days. I patiently waited for two months on that job before I happily resigned. I had the money and the fancy title but it did not make me feel good. These are a few tips that may help you, if you find yourself in this situation. 1. It is okay to want something different: A lot of us tend to endure the feelings and end up unhappy, most times till the end of our lives. The ...

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How To Create A Career Development Plan

The world is becoming less accommodating for people who are content with ‘stumbling upon’ or ‘serendipitously discovering’ opportunities. Competition levels in the business world are being raised, and the margins that separate relevance from oblivion are tending towards being razor-thin. In such a setting as this, you will need to be as close to perfect for the opportunities that come your way (or simply pass on the highway) as you can. This preparedness can only be achieved by planning. A career development plan is perhaps the simplest tool you can devise to make your transition through a career path more organized. It signifies an intention on your part to set life-goals and pursue them- a desire to be more than just mediocre. So, if you are keen on writing one for yourself, you should be commended. But beyond this, you will have to ensure that your plan is realistic and time bound, if you do not want to wind up in the depressing position of having to pick up the pieces from a failed long-term project you created yourself. Here are some steps you should take in order to reach the career goals you have dreamt up for yourself Identify ...

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