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Doyin Adunfe, HR Professional Turned Makeup Artist

The first time I saw Doyin, I said to my self ” Wow, who is this tall and pretty girl?” She looks so much like a model‎ and just talking with her, I discovered how amazing she was both inside and outside. She told me she is a makeup artist and I decided to give her a try and boom! I just loved what I saw. It was amazing to discover that she was an HR Professional turned makeup artist and we were so glad she granted us an interview and allowed us to share her story to inspire BIE readers. Enjoy… 1. “Can we meet you?” “My name is Doyin Adunfe, I am Yoruba, I am a make-up artist 2. “How did you discover make-up artistry? Is it something you have always wanted to do or did you just stumble into it?” My mom was never a make-up person, but I would go ahead to buy makeup with my small money and would do something elaborate on my small face as far back as when I was in primary school. At the University, I was a make-up critique. I would look at editorials, photographs and would be like “Why ...

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BIE Entrepreneur of the week: Taiye Fashipe

Taiye Fashipe makes one half of a beauty duo, coined ‘ThaiNeems’ –which is a hair and makeup business run by herself and sister Nima Fashipe. Taiye (Left) has just finished studying English and Comparative Literature, at Goldsmiths, University of London. And has recently moved back to Lagos to expand her hair and makeup business. She gained an interest in hair from a young age, of 11, and would often practice braiding styles on the hair of her mother and sister before finally gaining the confidence to start doing the hairs of her friends and family to widen her experience.As the years went by, Taiye developed her hair skills based on new trends in the market and can do several styles of braiding and weaving however, she specializes in the application of lace systems –such as lace closures, frontals and wigs.“For years and years my hair was being damaged through over-processing from relaxer and excess use of heat, and one day when I was about 17 or 18 I saw a bald patch in the front of my head and I said to myself okay I have to change something. That was when I first started wearing a lace closure as a ...

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BIE Entrepreneur of the week: Poroku Oluwaseyi

Poroku Oluwaseyi is the CEO and Founder of SketchStage, a web design business he runs in Lagos. He had his primary and secondary school in Lagos. He attended Bowen University in Osun state and obtained a BSc in business administration. After which he went for different interviews, but got no job. Wrote a lot of job examinations but got nowhere with that, he was so eager to get a job that he became so depressed, but he always had a flair for web design, so he decided to go into web design training which lasted for 6months. After which he ventured into the IT world and acquired a diploma in web design. Little did he know it wasn’t that easy, after months of searching for a client, no fruit yielded so went back to the drawing board, learnt more on his own, discovered his selling point, worked for three IT training schools where he got his first job of 25000 naira. He was really excited because he could have done the job for free because of the passion he had for it. This gave birth to the idea of starting his business which he named SketchStage. During the course of ...

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BIE Entrepreneur of the week: Osunde Eseosa

Osunde Eseosa is the CEO of LooksbyEMO, a makeup company which she started during her undergraduate study. She is presently a Corp member serving her country in the NYSC scheme. Eseosa is from Edo state and studied project Management in the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo state. Eseosa learnt the art of makeup in her 300level during one of the ASUU strikes, while her colleagues went home; she stayed back in school and learnt the skill from a professional makeup artist. She started makeup because of her love for colors and the desire to create a name for herself. After the training period elapsed, she went back home and started making up her friends and family for free using the little cheap products she could afford at that time as getting a Professional makeup kit was very expensive. She made business cards and gave them out to anyone she met. She kept getting better over time and never gave up and then finally someone called her for a job. “That day was the happiest day of my life” she said, as it was the beginning of her career as a makeup artist but she didn’t have a professional makeup ...

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BIE Entrepreneur of the week: Temitayo Balogun

Temitayo Balogun is the Founder and Creative Director of May Couture, a customer-focused accessories & design brand in Nigeria. Born in the quiet city of Akure, Ondo State, she grew up in Ibadan, Oyo State and went back to Ondo State to study Industrial Chemistry at the prestigious Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba. She’s right now completing her Master’s in Analytical Chemistry at the Federal University of Technology, Akure. While at the University, she began this journey into creativity and craftsmanship, having had a deep interest in her formative years. By 2014, the brand had become full-fledged and orders were received from different parts of the country as testimony to the uniqueness and quality of her handmade products. Of her beginnings, she says: I think I’ve always loved to do things with my hands, and make people look good. Looking good is good business, you know? Way back, immediately after secondary school, I learnt beadmaking. I’d seen a lady use bead and said to myself, “I can do this,” and I’d gone ahead to buy beadmaking materials: beads, fishing line, hook…the whole nine yards; everything I need to make my dream of making beads come alive. But I needed the “know ...

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