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Secrets To Passing A Job Interview

By Tokunbo Fasoro Interviewers tend to use the interview to try to determine who you are as a person. In other words, how you get along with other people and your desire to work. They will specifically try to identify as much as possible from how you behave. They will also pay attention to how you respond concisely, cooperate fully in answering questions and keep to the subject at hand. These are very important elements that influence the interviewer’s decisions. Below are five tips to gain an extra edge in your interview. Preparation is Key:  Ensure you learn about the employer, the job and the organization doing the recruiting on social media. Find out what is happening in the employers field, try to identify problems in that field and explain why you think you will be able to solve such problems citing some of your specific accomplishments to make your case. Relate yourself to the interviewers need:  Once you figure out the type of  person the interviewer is looking for, ensure you discuss your past achievements in relation to the employers need.  That is why it is important to ensure you look for every opportunity to intern or volunteer when ...

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3 Women That inspired me to venture into Entrepreneurship

By Tokunbo Fasoro Venturing into Entrepreneurship wasn’t an easy decision for me especially when I had spent time and resources gathering as much education and knowledge as I could in my area of expertise, knowing that I could earn a very good living working with those certificates. As much as I was afraid of the unknown, I knew I wanted more. I wanted to build a platform where I could do more; I didn’t want to be constrained by an employment contract. I had dreams I wanted to explore, amazing ideas I kept expanding in my head but even with all these, I was afraid. I said to myself many times that I needed to see God physically telling me “this is the way you should go” but you know, God uses people to speak to us. I will be sharing today about 3 women who inspired me to venture and lessons I learnt from them. Ayodeji Megbope: She is the C.E.O of No left over’s Nigeria Ltd- A full scale catering outfit which started with a takeoff capital of just One Thousand Naira (N1, 000.00), but today has an annual turnover that runs into millions of naira. The business ...

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How Can I Turn My Passion Into A Career

Tokunbo Fasoro

BY TOKUNBO FASORO Growing up, I always got into trouble for talking too much. It was easy for me to explain everything in such detail. I was quick to start up a conversation with many visitors that come into our house and as I grew up, I enjoyed talking even more. When I’m with friends, my voice is the loudest and the most excited, most times I would stand up and gesticulate while talking just to drive my point home, it’s almost always like a presentation. The most amazing part of this aspect of my life is that people usually listen to me! One day, I realized I had just found my passion: Talking. Then the problem came. How do I turn my passion into a job or a means of generating income? Which I did and today I get invitations to speak and I have also learned to write out some of my thoughts in exchange for remuneration and making an impact along the way. Sometimes, you fall head over heels in love with an activity, but remember, it’s more valuable when you are able to create impact and then make money from it. It is important to ask ...

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Don’t be Laid-back!!! – Zika Nwaise

In a race, there is always a first person who is usually ahead of a second person and on and on to the very last person.  The person in the first position while in the race does not relent because he knows that being ahead of the next person does not mean he cannot be caught up with and overtaken so he has to run even harder and more strategically to maintain being at the first position. Many times, I hear people say… ‘At last I have the job, now I can rest’ but I would say….  This is not the time for you to rest, it’s a time for you to buckle up and aim higher. Getting a job, is only a platform to aim for the next level, so have it at the back of your mind that you are only a step away from those who are searching for jobs and there’s a huge possibility that they could catch up with you. I hear people say “I have been with this organization for a long time but they just recruited someone who is now earning more than I do. Why is this the case?” Have you ever ...

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Six Things Not To Say At An Interview

  While it is important to research and practice possible questions that could be asked during an interview and the answers to these questions, it is also important to know that the practice is just a guide to enable you familiarize yourself with the interview setting, do not memorize questions and answers because it would hinder the flow of conversation between you and the interviewer. Here are some tips on the things that should not be said in an interview. “Could you tell me what the company is all about?”: We expect that you would have done your research about the organization you want to work with, know the core values and a brief history of the organization. The only exception in this case is if you are being interviewed by a Consulting Firm in which case you may not know whom they are recruiting for. Speaking negatively about your previous employer or the organization: You really don’t want to slander your previous employer or the organization, this usually applies when you are asked about why you want to leave the organization. Try to maintain a tone somewhere between neutral and positive, talk more about what you have learnt and ...

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Finding Your Passion – Tokunbo Fasoro

I am someone who is particularly passionate about people following their passion and I decided to write on this topic. I’m hoping that by the time we are done with this series; young people will go out to take what I call the B-square step (Bold and Brave step). Be Inspired. Is there something you already love doing? Do you have a hobby- it could be something you loved doing as a child but never considered it as a possibility? Click here (story of how TemiSiyanbade found her passion) It’s great if you already have something you love to do. Now, just research the possibilities of making money from it. Do some research on it: Buy books about it, Google it; look for every material possible you can get your hands on. TV programmes on that particular thing can give you some clarity. I remember one day,I was watching a show regarding something on my mind and I got clarity immediately. Ask questions frompeople; gather as much information as you can. Put your Ideas on Paper, write down anything that comes into your mind.Look for all the materials you can possibly get your hands on and activities that can inspire ...

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Entrepreneur Of The Week : Kasope Ladipo-Ajai

Kasope Ladipo-Ajai is the founder of OmoAlata Food Services also known as McPeppers, a company that processes and packages soups, spices and ‘peppers’ for seasoning local dishes. Kasope, a computer science graduate from Babcock University ventured into entrepreneurship because she felt the urge to do something different and meaningful than the conventional 9-to-5 job. So, in 2012, she started OmoAlata. Although she has always loved cooking, travelling and old architecture structural designs, back in the days, she worked as a team leader in Air Nigeria where her responsibilities included information technology (IT) related service, business analysis and project management. She also worked with Taytom Group where she handled core IT project implementation before she commenced her own business. Kasope said what inspired her to start her own business is the saying that “Some businesses start from a passion or calling while others are solution providing opportunities turned business. OmoAlata was birthed from an urge to solve the cooking needs of Nigerians.” She started OmoAlata to hygienically process and package local Nigerian soups, spices and peppers. In the year 2015, Kasope won first prize at the ‘She Leads Africa Pitch Competition’.  She also won a $10,000 cash prize, a mobile device ...

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10 Ways to Know If You Have a Great Business Idea

Tokunbo Fasoro business idea

Good Ideas Ready to take on the world of entrepreneurship? In order to find startup success, you need a great business idea. But a winning business idea is more than just something you’re excited about or good at — you have to make sure your idea is actually viable. Business News Daily asked experts how you can tell if your business idea is poised for success. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself before pursuing your business idea Does it solve a problem? Entrepreneur and co-founder of the Web design school The Starter League Mike McGee thinks the best business ideas are those that solve a problem in some way. “If there is a problem that affects you, your friends, family, co-workers, etc., then the chances are high that it affects people you don’t know as well,” McGee said. It’s paying customers who validate an idea and determine which ones have the greatest chance for success, said Wil Schroter, co-founder and CEO of Fundable. “An idea is just an idea until you have a paying customer attached to it,” Schroter said. “Anyone can discredit a simple idea, but no one can discredit paying customers.” What’s your price point? Charlie Harary, founder and partner ...

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Make That Dream A Reality… Tokunbo Fasoro

Make That Dream A Reality One very cold morning, in the middle of harmattan when visibility was very poor, I decided to take a walk round my estate.It has been scary walking around for some time since a resident saw a large snake on the road and another saw two of them on his balcony.  However, that morning against all odds I got into my trainers and began to walk; then I got to a road. I could only see the beginning of the road because of the poor visibility and I was afraid to turn into it because it had only a few houses with the other houses still under construction. “Of course, that is a potential snake hide out…” I thought. I also thought of a very big snake somewhere in the middle of the road and I stood there for a while trying to make a decision as to what to do next. Then I decided to take courage and take the first step… then the next one, then I took a third, and I began to see more clearly, the road looked wider and I could move more easily and more confidently with each new step ...

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CHANGE: A COMMON ENEMY – Stanley Awelewa

In our journey through life, we always aspire for greatness but we are often faced with several challenges. At one point or the other, you may come across people who appear to want to sabotage your growth. Why? It is simple, not because they are bad or evil, but because they are afraid of change. They are afraid because your change will force them to change, and they feel they either can’t change or don’t want to change. They will try to hold you back (sometimes unconsciously) in an attempt to keep everything familiar. In their minds, they are trying to protect you, but are they? No, they are not. They are only really looking out for themselves. You must realize that for effective change and growth, nothing stays the same. To do a new thing, you must empower yourself, grow and evolve. You must grow into a different (and hopefully better) version of yourself. For you to see those beautiful wings in the sky, the caterpillar must change (a complete metamorphosis) into the butterfly. Of course when it flies, it leaves the tree which has housed and nurtured its cocoon behind. In the same way, when we evolve into ...

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