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Resume Tips for Job and Career Fair

Whether you’re a recent graduate seeking your first position or an experienced professional in search of a new opportunity, attending job and career fairs is one way to network and find job leads. Job fairs allow you to meet HR managers from various companies and industries, all housed under one roof for the day. These tips will help you make the best impression. Research Job Fair Companies It is usually possible to obtain a list of employers participating in a job fair ahead of time. The best-prepared candidates will have already spent time researching corporate cultures of the participating companies. Develop Multiple Versions of Your Resume After you’ve done your homework, tailor your resume based on your job objective, and consider bringing multiple versions to the career fair. Once candidates have done their research on participating companies, they can create a few different resumes targeting these companies. For example, someone interested in finance can research typical job titles and types of responsibilities and then create several different versions accordingly. They also might create one resume targeted to working for banks and another one tailored to working for the finance division of a large firm. You should also prepare a general ...

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Habits of a Successful Speaker – Tokunbo Fasoro

Today, presentation is required in every field, every person or professional will at some point be called to speak publicly or do a presentation, it could be in an interview, workplace or a speech after collecting an award. When you listen to successful speakers you wonder “how do they do it?” the answer is hard work!‎ I remember my first speech was a very difficult one , I had goose pimples, my legs where shaking and I got distracted at every side talk, infact I practically shouted please stop distracting me. It was  a very horrible experience. But then I realized it was something I had to do often, I had to work hard at it .Here are some tips or habits of a successful speaker. 1. Have a clear goal for your speech Begin with the end in mind, have a clear goal of what you want your audience to know feel or do immediately after the presentation. Ensure you summarize your goal in a very declarative sentence in concluding. 2. It’s all about your audience Avoid too much ‘me’ in your introduction, remember the information is to serve them not you. 3.Practice makes perfect You start preparing as ...

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Questions you can ask in an interview

At some point in an interview, an interviewer will ask if you have any questions. At this point, not asking questions can send the wrong messages like you aren’t interested or not prepared or you are not able to think. In light of this, it is essential that you ask questions. Prepare a number of questions to ask the interviewer because some questions you prepared might get answered during the interview. Below are questions that you could ask the interviewer: 1. What will it take to make me successful in this role? This shows the interviewer that you have interest in the position and are willing to be successful if given the opportunity. 2. Is there growth prospect in the organization? This shows the interviewer that you are a visionary and see yourself rising in the organization. It also shows the interviewer that you intend to stay in the company for a while. Besides you wouldn’t want to work in a company where there are no opportunities for you to grow. 3. What is your company’s culture like? This sends a message that you want to fit in as fast as possible and that’s an attractive feature to be known with. ...

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Take responsibility and be in control – Tokunbo Fasoro

Sometime last month a friend was talking to me about a brilliant business opportunity and she needed a partner to get the job done and immediately we recognized who would just fit into the role. But as soon as his name was mentioned, guess what she said? “I cannot work with him on this project because he will not take it seriously ” then I asked why? And she said ‘while working with him in the same organization, I noticed he regularly comes late to work and that is an organization where he is under authority so imagine if he was to do stuff himself, he would never take it seriously’. In conclusion, he lost the opportunity. Well I don’t know if her assumptions where right or not but the point remains that his not being able to show responsibility on his present job, made him lose the fantastic offer. Sometimes we just do stuff without realizing someone may just be watching and you will surely be remembered in a positive light or in the negative light when the opportunity comes. Reliability is an amiable characteristic, a person who does as promised is responsible and reliable. People don’t like dealing ...

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Getting A Job You Don’t Have Requirements For


By Tokunbo Fasoro Are you ready for one of the best-kept secrets of the job search process? Unless the person doing the hiring has previously worked in the exact role he’s trying to fill, a fair amount of the job description is guesswork. Think about it: HR managers have to write a description that will simultaneously entice people to apply and ward off those who wouldn’t qualify for an interview. Also, haven’t you heard stories of a person who “met all of the qualifications” being passed over in the final stages for someone who “seemed like a better fit?” Probably so—because a company would much rather hire the candidate with two years of experience who seems like she could hit the ground running than someone with the requisite five years who failed to demonstrate strong communication skills. So what’s a job seeker who doesn’t quite meet all the requirements in a position description to do? Ask Yourself if You Could Do the Job Notice that we didn’t suggest asking, “Do you want the job?” or even, “How much do you want the job?” Honestly, those questions are irrelevant. It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about working in a foreign ...

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Finding Your Passion and Purpose in Life

Written By Pelagie Egbane Up until my university days in O.A.U,Ile-Ife, I never really gave any serious thought to what I really had passion for or what my purpose in life was…… For years I heard people say where your passion is, lies your million dollar. I heard so much about it, that I desired so much to know why God created me and what I naturally had passion for.(so I can start making my millions too)… The more I searched, the more it eluded me. I had people around me doing things, going into different businesses and I kept asking questions “ how did you know this is what you are meant to do?  They gave me answers, but it never really seem to satisfy my quest then. I started getting so hard on myself, I was so disappointed that as simple as it seems, I just could not place my hand on that ‘thing’ that I love to do that will yield millions of dollars for me… It cant be so difficult , can it? Of course growing up, I have had dreams of becoming so many things, from being a writer, to being a TV Presenter and ...

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Ten Ways to Ruin a Job Interview

Job interview

Five – Ten minutes into a job interview can determine whether you get the job or not. We – HR professionals – don’t need more than that during any job interview. From the first question, we know if we are going to hire you.  Having a wonderful resume does not qualify you for a job, it qualifies you get an interview. Both ends needs to be taken cared of. You’ve sent out countless resumes and have finally been called in for a job interview. This is the point where you can make it or break it. If you perform well, you may finally get the job you’ve been looking for. Then again, if you commit one of these 10 ways to ruin an interview, you’ll be walking away with nothing to show for it. These do’s and don’ts should prepare you for the interview so you don’t make any mistakes. DO’S AND DON’T BEFORE ANY JOB  INTERVIEW 1. You didn’t research the company. 2. You came in late. 3. You didn’t dress for the part. 4. You kept the interview negative. 5. You gave canned responses. 6. You didn’t ask any questions. 7. You let your nerves get the best ...

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How to Answer the Job Interview Question

Job Interview

“What’s your greatest weakness?” is the question that no one ever quite knows how to prepare to answer. This single question has the power to determine in one swift blow whether you are a potential asset or a liability to a prospective employer. Answering the Question Let’s take a look at what we don’t ever want to say first, and why. Never, never, never choose a weakness that demonstrates your inappropriateness for the job: The “Strength in Disguise” Weakness What do I mean by a “weakness that is really a strength in disguise”? Let me give you examples of such “weaknesses”: A. People Pleaser: “It’s important to me that everyone gets along in the workplace. In the past I have always gone the extra mile to help out whenever it is necessary in trying not to disappoint or let anyone down.” B. Workaholic: “In taking things to extremes, I have found that it is easy to get burned out by not balancing my time very well. I now however have a Day Planner to better organize and schedule my time, making sure I achieve a balance so that I can still be a valuable player.” C. Self Critic: “I feel ...

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