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Toyin Subair: HiTV 101

The HiTV story is one which will be etched in the Nigerian business history books. After a long hiatus, Founder of HiTV Oluwatoyin Subair has opened up and shared his no-holds-barred view on what happened. The article was originally published on his Linkedin Page. *** My great mentor asked me one day, a few years ago, why after the appointment of a Receiver/Manager by GTB over the assets of HiTV I gave up fighting and just rolled into a semi coma. He said this because, he knew how hard we fought to save it. I responded with the story of King David crying to GOD over his sick child but then quickly wiped his face off, ate and started drinking, when the child was pronounced dead. You really just must know when to move on so that you can see and take the future opportunities that will come your way. Thereafter, Solomon, the wisest and richest ruler of Israel was born to David because he looked and lived forward. People who care, ask me what happened to HiTV and others in their supreme wisdom profess their own reasons. I have kept my peace and quietly moved on in life, until ...

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5 Female Entrepreneurs in Nigeria Who Have Inspired Me – Zika Nwaise

Hey everyone, hope our Tuesday is going as cool as it can be. Guess what, I decided to share with us this write up on these beautiful successful women who have been a source of inspiration to the society. As for the guys in the house, don’t feel so sad and just watch out for who is coming up next. In the meantime I hope you are all inspired because I am beaming with so much excitement from the inspiration I just got. Enjoy!!! Mosunmola Abudu The talk show host, usually known as Mo Abudu, is the CEO & host of a TV talk show, Moments with Mo. She is also the founder of The Inspire Africa Foundation.  Mo Abudu is not only a talk show host but also a TV producer, media personality, human resources management consultant, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mo Abudu launched Ebony Life Television, “Africa’s first Global Black Multi-Broadcast Entertainment Network” in 2006. Though she was a successful human-resources executive for oil giant ExxonMobil, her heart was set on migrating from the boardroom chair to the chat-show sofa but her challenge was the fact that she had no TV experience whatsoever so she attempted to contact the ...

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