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“Be Like Sasha” – Tokunbo Fasoro

I was speaking to undergraduates at the University of Lagos last week on planning for a successful career in future . I emphasized that it was important to do some internships while on holiday. Our environment and upbringing in Nigeria has given us a general mindset that working to earn, or working to learn does not start until after graduation from the university. I have discovered from experience that most people who stand out in their early career lives have interned or done holiday jobs while still in school. Amazingly on the news I heard that President Obama daughter; Sasha took a job as a waitress in a restaurant. Amazing isn’t it? The question is “How many of us can actually do this?” A Nigerian or an African child from a middle-class family can hardly be caught doing holiday jobs today. The truth is that we have a lot of universities churning out graduates every day, the national population is growing, and universities are increasing in number all at a rate that is not commensurate to the jobs available out there – the question here is “How can I stand out?” Why wait till you graduate before you gain some ...

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The Management Student Association of UNILAG Organizes An Entrepreneurship Talk

We were invited to an entrepreneurship talk by the Management students of the University of Lagos. I was asked to speak on ‘What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur’ and I was so excited to find out that Mrs Ayodeji Megbope was a co-speaker. She happens to be one of the people who inspired me into being an entrepreneur about 5 years ago, when I listened to her speak at a meeting. It was a privilege to listen to her tell her story again, as she is a source of inspiration each time she speaks. Click here to view her inspiring story – “From 1k moi moi to the White House” I was also inspired by Mrs Eniola Salu Akintunde; the CEO of Styles by Saennys who got fired from the University of Lagos because she was running a full time programme alongside. She talked about how she took it as a challenge, went into entrepreneurship and today is a producer of Gem stones, accessories and unique jewelry items. Her company is one of the leading jewelry creation companies in Nigeria today. There were other inspiring speakers like Mrs Kemi Adesina, the CEO Kess Karpets and the CEO of ...

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The Basic Employability Workshop was a huge success

The Basic Employability Workshop was a huge success, it was organized by the Barack Obama American Corner in collaboration with the YALI Network & BI Solutions Nigeria for Fresh Graduates, NYSC Members and Unemployed Youths and was held on May 23rd, 2016. The workshop commenced with registration at exactly 8:00am at the Barack Obama American Corner, 29 Gafar Animashaun Street,Victoria Island, Lagos. We had interesting Sessions with our facilitators on what it takes to properly plan your Career, What It means to be Employable, What Employers Want and a little exposition on Social Media engagement in job and career quest. Participants were educated and motivated, while taken personal decisions to implement what they have learnt and use the acquired knowledge positively to equip themselves for a fruitful and more engaging job and career hunt. Facilitators at the YALI Network Basic Employability Program included: Mrs. Tokunbo Fasoro who spoke on Career Planning. She emphasized that Career planning is a process of, thinking about your interests, values, skills and preferences; exploring work and learning options available to you; ensuring that your work fits with your personal circumstances and you end up doing what you are happy doing for the rest of your ...

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