Steps to personal discovery

Steps to Personal Discovery – Tokunbo Fasoro

Today, I would be speaking to you about self-discovery. Have you ever taken a few minute to assess yourself – Who am I? What do I want in life? What makes me happy?

This is the first step to discovering how successful and fulfilling your future will be. Here are a few things that can prevent you from discovering yourself:

  • Fear of who you really are- Remember no one is perfect, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Decide to work on your weaknesses while leveraging on your strengths.
  • Lack of self-love- For some people while growing up, people around you or circumstances around you could have made you hate yourself, I hear some parents use horrible words on their children or compare children. This may have led you to developing a low self-esteem. That is not who you are- never forget that. The onus is on you to define who you are.
  • Not allowing yourself to dream or be creative: Most times while growing up, we hear stuff like medical doctors earn more and all you are thinking about is how to be a doctor.

Sometimes we are influenced by our parents to study a certain course rather than to follow our heart dreams and passion. Discover you, and express you.

  • Too much going on around you- You are probably too busy doing so many things and you have actually not taken time to discover yourself. You deserve quality time too.

Steps to Self Discovery

  1. Spend time with yourself: Study yourself, enjoy your own company and get to know more about yourself. It would surprise you to know that there are certain things you like and do not like, figure them out and draw inspiration from around you.
  2. Face it: Examine your life, put it under a microscope. If you have made mistakes, it’s in the past, forgive yourself and move on. Handle your past with grace
  3. Recognize your strength: They come from your interest and hobbies, list them – Articulate them

Classify your core values- Honesty, Loyalty, Kindness and Excellence etc.

  1. Where do you see yourself happy in twenty five years? Start by listing down everything you will like to achieve- Note the one that stands out.
  2. Begin to research on them, read articles and books on them, take courses if you have to, just begin to act.


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