Six Unique Facts of Integrity

One day, a friend said to me… “Let us write 8:00am on the attendance register, no one will know”. But I thought about it, and decided to write the exact time I got there which was about 8:30am. Unfortunately, there was a major issue in the office and those who got to the office between 8:00 – 8:15am were being interrogated. I just smiled.
Sometimes, we think it’s better to go the easy way, but it’s not always profitable. The single most important quality you can ever develop that will improve every area of your life is Integrity.

Integrity is the foundation of a good character. Integrity is honesty, and to be honest with others means you have to be honest with yourself.

Here are some reasons on why Integrity should be a core value for you.

1. It makes you stand out:  People tend to depend on you when you are a man of your word in an environment where being straight forward is scarce.

2. It makes you successful:  People of integrity are honest people and honest people are people who do things right. Doing the right things would take you far as it creates a good reputation for you and your business.

3. It makes you a good leader : People want to follow only those who can lead them right by making the right decisions and taking them in the right directions.

4. It makes you decisive: Only people of integrity can take decisions against all odds. You can count on them to make decisions without being swayed by any form of pressure or influence from peers.

5. It makes you trustworthy: People can trust you and this helps you build long lasting relationships.

6. It causes continuity in relationships: People keep coming back to you especially if you are in business – just because you can be trusted.

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