Setting SMART Goals for 2018 by Tokunbo Fasoro

A few days ago, I sat down and began to analyze my life in 2017. I am grateful to God that I
set 9 major goals and achieved 6 of them. I remember how about a couple years ago I would
set goals and never take them seriously, in fact by February I would have forgotten all I set.
But the year I decided to take my goals seriously, I wrote them down behind a dairy I carry
around every where, so I could look at them from time to time, measure progress and stay
focused, that was when I began to make a head way. I also learnt a lot of lessons along the
way, some very hard but more importantly, it has helped me re-evaluate my journey to
determine if I am headed in the right direction or not. These lessons would also stand as a
guide for me in 2018.

For some people who may feel that their course has been slightly deterred or even derailed,
see the New Year as a fresh start to re-establish your goals and start the process of creating
the path you desire.
Personal goal setting helps us evaluate what we like about our lives and what we wish to
change; then forces us to focus on how we can achieve that change for ourselves.


Why Set Goals?

1. It helps us evaluate what we want out of life.
2. It gives us a clearer view of where we are and a step-by- step guide to achieving them.
3. It helps us focus on specific targets.
4. Well thought out goals helps us organize our time and our resources so we can make the
most of our life.

smart goals

It’s important to set goals it keeps us in ready for the year.
Here are a few tips to setting SMART goals

Specific: What exactly do you want to do? Ensure that it is well defined. Have specific
reasons, purpose or benefits of accomplishing the goals.
Measurable: This simply means that you identify exactly what you will see, hear and/or feel,
when you reach those goals. It means breaking your goals down into measurable elements.
Defining the objectives of your goal makes it clearer and easier to read.
Attainable: What needs to happen to achieve the goals? Are the goals achievable,
considering the circumstances around you such as environment, resources, time etc.?
Realistic: There are some goals that are simply not realistic; a goal has to be something that
is reasonable and can become a reality in our lives.
Time Oriented: Every goal must have a time frame attached to it. It must have an end i.e. a
definite time in which it is planned to be accomplished. With no time frame attached to it,
there is no sense of urgency.


Additional Tips

1. State your goal as a positive statement: It helps you stay motivated.
2. Prioritize your goals: This helps direct your attention to the most important ones.
3. Write them down: It keeps you guided.

Now get to work, ensure you set your personal goals for 2018 and run with it.

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