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Sell yourself well at a job interview by Tokunbo Fasoro

Are you experienced and job searching? Sell your self well at a job interview and Get the Job! 

Are you an experienced hire seeking to move jobs? And wondering what the interview would be like?

Recently employers and HR managers tend to use carefully worded behavioral questions designed to expose your biggest weakness during interviews. Usually, they ask you about lengthy projects, you have been involved in, how your role evolved, how you handled pressures and difficult people.

Well I have a few tips here that will definitely help you..

  • Arrange your work experience so it’s a perfect fit for the job. We hardly look at job responsibilities these days we want to see your experience and your achievements on the role, so your Cv should be carefully tailored along those lines.
  • Ensure that you prepare your responses ahead of time; you will need to remember and give specific examples of experiences in your previous jobs. Interviewers want you to be practical and relate every required skill to your own experience in the past.
  • Remember to explain the positive out comes.

Also remember to use metrics to communicate value

  • Be confident in your self-presentation.
  • Emphasize on your strengths. Remember your time is limited with the interviewers, you must say the most powerful things about your self; your strengths and your experience. Do this, and they most likely will want to give you the job.
  • Carry out some research about the organization. Ensure you are prepared with the best questions to ask the  Interviewing team at the end of the interview


Here are a few practical examples to give you an understanding.

Interview question 1

Give us an example of a challenge you faced on the job and tell us how you solved it?

Tips to responding

  1. Ensure that the problem you choose to discuss is an example that’s as similar as possible to a problem you are likely to face in the new role you are applying to.
  2. Explain the positive outcomes
  3. Use Metrics to communicate value of results for example I succeeded buy cutting costs by 30%, Revenue was increased by 20% etc

Interview question 2

What did you like best or least about your last job?

Ensure that what you indicate as what you liked best about your job is what will appeal to the team interviewing you.  You can start by saying…

One thing I liked about my last job was it allowed me develop my project management skills, for Example I was put in charge…( use one of your stories here narrating practical examples in your past experience that is related to the role you are being interviewed for)

For the negative, talk about an aspect you had issues with and how you were able to turn the situation around. For example I had a few issues with unsatisfied clients, I learned that I had to carefully pay more attention to monitoring certain difficult clients closely to ensure that they are satisfied.


Lastly, Be Ready For Questions Like These;

  • What was the most frustrating experience at your last job?
  • Describe a change that you needed to make and how you implemented it?
  • What was your role in your last department’s success?
  • How did you handle working on multiple projects with the same deadline?


Putting the tips above to use will help you on your way to getting that dream job. Best of luck…



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