Rules and habits that can shape you into a great leader: Part 3 – Tokunbo Fasoro

The most successful leaders did not get there by accident; they learned and developed habits of past great leaders. Experience, they say is the best teacher. Not in all cases. You don’t need to experience all the pitfalls that past leaders went through, when you can read about their mistakes and learn how they eventually got it right. You can just skip that gully and jump to getting it right the first time.

This is Part 3 of our shaping a leader series; we trust you are following closely.

Great leaders are supportive: They are genuinely concerned for the welfare of their team. They identify a team member with personal challenges and see how they can show support.

They are honest people: Great leaders treat people the way they want to be treated. Honesty and ethical behavior form the foundation of success.

They possess a great sense of professionalism: They conduct themselves in a way that sets them apart from their employees. Lead by example; dress properly, carry yourself properly and speak intelligently.

They are organized: Great leaders organize and plan ahead.

They plan: They think and plan everything through from point A – Z. They never exclusively trust their instincts.

They research everything: They understand that no man knows everything and everyone can make mistakes. They always research, confirm and back up their facts.

I would stop here today to avoid information overload. BIE readers, kindly follow these rules. Like I said yesterday continually strive for self-improvement, (Rome was not built in a day). Eventually, through your experience and effort you will be the type of leader most people aspire to be.

Watch out for part 4….. tomorrow!

Tokunbo Fasoro
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