Hello everyone a colleague of mine thought to share his story of how how he sat for four international HR certification examinations and passed all at first attempt in 2016

The certification examinations I took were:
* SPHRi: Senior Professional in Human Resources-International.
* GPHR: Global Professional in Human Resources.
* PHRi: Professional in Human Resources-International.
* SHRM-SCP: SHRM Senior Certified Professional.

What I will be sharing in this series is my personal story and experience, and I trust that you will be able to glean a few insights and lessons from it.

The first lesson I am going to share in this series is called “FINDING YOUR PASSION AND MOTIVATIONS.”

To be candid and honest, if you will pass these examinations at first attempt you must find your passion and motivations for taking them. It is only when you find your passion and motivations, that the necessary strength, energy and tenacity to pursue your dream of earning your certification will come.

It is your passion and motivations that will keep you awake studying when you should be sleeping. It is the same passion and motivations that will enable you make the necessary sacrifices in the pursuit of earning your certification. You may want to ask, is it important that you find your passion and motivations?, the answer is a big YES!

You may also be thinking what were my passion and motivations, I will share them here. My passion and motivations for taking these examinations were:

* I wanted to enhance and deepen my capacity as a HR Professional.
* I needed to demonstrate to my peers and employers that I was a credible, competent and capable HR Professional.
* I also needed some form of leverage that would enhance my worth and value in the labour market.

Finally, the one that was burning in my heart, the very one that instilled a lot of personal discipline was that I MADE UP MY MIND THAT I WAS GOING TO PASS ALL THESE EXAMINATIONS AT FIRST ATTEMPT, I MADE A CONSCIOUS DECISION THAT I WASN’T GOING TO RETAKE ANY OF THE EXAMINATIONS THE SECOND TIME. This decision was a huge source of motivation for me throughout my preparations.

For me this was my ultimate passion and motivation while preparing for these examinations. It kept me awake at night when it was not convenient. It pushed me to go the extra mile. I hope you find your passion and motivations. We hope you have been inspired.. stay connected to BIEMPOWERMENT for part 2

Tokunbo Fasoro


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