What Opportunity Can I See? The Mind Of An Entrepreneur – Opeyemi Komolafe.

Listening to the news and people around me, what I hear is how jobs are being lost and businesses are being shut down because of the ‘recession’, I wonder why everyone is so frantic!
About 10 years ago, there was a conversation that my mother had with me. My takeaway from that talk resounds in my mind almost everyday. Amongs’t the many things she said, I always remember her say ” Opeyemi” (she only calls my full name when she is dead serious or I am in deep trouble……..) “If your certificates were taken away from you, have you really thought about what you can do to generate income”? I was quite surprised at her question because I had graduated with a good result and companies had already started headhunting the group of us right from school. She went on to say “Multiple streams of income will always be an asset to you”. img_0248
In the world of today, that phrase, ‘multiple streams of income’ has become a household slogan. Everyone is now under pressure to generate income from all sources by all means available. It is great if you have a salaried job, fantastic if you have a side business, but phenomenal when you have another solution providing venture that provides some extra change to help you live in luxury in a time when rivers are running dry. I hear you ask “I already know that, but what kind of business can I do right now that will gain patronage”?
To answer your question, my first point will be that you are looking at it all wrong from the very start, because you already believe that you will struggle to gain patronage. My ultimate mentor said “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. You can never grow beyond what your mind has the capacity to conceive. You have to set out doggedly believing in your ability to succeed or you will back down at the first challenge that comes your way.
My second point is that people will always seek for a solution to their problems. If that’s the only solution, they will seek to pay for it because the alternative is either too painful, inconvenient or more expensive.
  1. Your approach to exploring this option should simply be asking yourself the following questions
  2. What are the problems/challenges people around me are having?
  3. What are the possible solutions to their problems?
  4. How can I offer a service or a product to solve these problems?
  5. What is the cheapest way I can solve this problem and make enough profit for it to be a worthwhile venture?
  6. If I don’t have the capital I need, who are my potential investors?
  7. How do I sell this idea to my potential investors to convince them of the viability of my proposal?
  8. How do I inform potential clients of the existence my new solution to their problems?
Once you have asked and answered the above listed questions, you are well on your way to drafting out a viable solution providing venture (you will notice that I did not call it a business. Businesses fold up, but solution providers endure as long as the problem persists). Like the relevance of the measles vaccine because of the continuous existence of the disease, a solution providing venture will remain relevant as long as that problem persists.
So dear BI Empowerment readers, in this time of massive complaining and blame sharing, let’s pull out of the band wagon, settle down and ask ourselves some questions so that we can create viable opportunities for ourselves.
Wouldn’t it be phenomenal getting some extra change for providing convenient, timely and relevant solutions to bottleneck problems around us?Opeyemi Komolafe.


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  1. Nice one Ope. I think I should answer the questions.

  2. Nice piece from Ope.


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