Ope Oduwole speaks to the BI Empowerment Team

Who is Opeyemi Oduwole?

Opeyemi Oduwole, the first child to Mr. & Dr. (Mrs.) Oduwole attended University of Lagos Staff School, Federal Government Girls College Akure and University of Lagos where she studied Chemical Engineering.

A banker by profession with a specialization in wealth management and advisory, Ope believes in helping people. Her satisfaction on the job is derived from helping clients’ plan, grow and transfer their wealth.

With a personal passion to see as many people as possible succeed in their chosen careers and also see them make wise investment choices early in life. Ope has been motivating people since NYSC, with series of motivational talks across Secondary Schools during NYSC. Ope continues to encourage people with wealth growth and basic career management discussions in public schools and to fresh graduates. Ope has experienced the pleasure of seeing people do better, achieve more and set bigger goals for themselves

Her personal mottos are “Why be average when you can be excellent “and “Why can’t it be done”

During her leisure time , Ope is an avid reader, a good rest is some quiet time with a good novel and a bottle of Coca Cola

Ope Oduwole, Graduate Empowerment

Opeyemi Oduwole (middle) with the BI Empowerment team

I understand you weren’t born with a silver spoon, Did you have a particular mindset to succeed or did it just happen

First of all, my definition of success is not about how much money you have but how many people you were able to impact. I believe you have a responsibility to help as many people as possible during your lifetime. No one should interact with you and remain the same.
Therefore I wouldn’t say “ Ope is successful “ instead I would say of myself “ Ope is on a success journey , a journey that won’t end till the end of her lifetime”

I also don’t believe in averages and would therefore always challenge myself about average results. It has never really been about what others are doing, It has always been a comparison of what I can do with what I did.

I continually ask myself questions like “Was that your best? Can it be better? .and there’s also a lot of praying. Ooohh!! a lot of asking God if I am doing my best and believe me , that is a much higher standard to work towards than that of any person .

Ope Oduwole impacting graduates at the BI Graduate School

Ope Oduwole impacting graduates at the BI Graduate School

How hard did you push, were there times you wanted to give up , Can you share with us the difficult times?

First of all, I am still on my success journey and on this journey I have been blessed with an amazing support system, Wonderful supportive family, great friends , an amazing church and the most important , an awesome God .

I work in a cutthroat, target oriented business, where results in what counts and not necessarily effort. There have been times when it looks like results aren’t coming and the environment is challenging. I have also made mistakes on the job where I had to be reprimanded to be better , Honestly , in dark times like that when I’m fighting tiredness, weariness and fear I just find a quiet place to pray, once I can pray it just feels better in a way I cannot explain , sometimes I call a friend or family just to air my frustrations but the season always passes.

I have now learnt that these thing are in seasons and the seasons will always pass so just steady your knees, dig in your heels and stand your ground

What will you say inspired you to succeed?

I don’t really know the answer to this question, but I do know I have always wanted to be the best that I can be. I never looked at it as succeeding or not succeeding, I just wanted to be the best I could be

I have always been surrounded by amazing role models. Starting with my family, the women in my family astound me with their accomplishments, they are hardworking women, full of wisdom and great strength. They modelled what it means to be a success to me early in life. They taught me that women can do anything ;I can still hear my mother saying “I don’t have male or female children, I have children period! Whatever your brother can do, you can do and vice versa” ….

I have also been blessed to have great bosses. From the beginning of my career I have been surrounded by inspiring people who worked hard to bring out the best in me. They encouraged me, corrected me and gave me opportunities to shine. They taught me the importance of the delicate gift of being a boss to someone. I try to replicate this in the lives of others, paying forward you might say.

And Oooh! lets not forget my friends, wonderful women who don’t take nonsense and have the guts to tell me when I’m messing up . Who listen to the same stories over and over again and never let me give up on my dreams. Who always tell me ‘ Ope we know you can do this with more confidence that I feel a lot of times.

Who are your role models?

Woowww!! Tough One!!!. I see different qualities in different people. Once I see a quality I admire in someone and I have the opportunity to have access to that person observe the person from afar, read the person’s books or listen to the person speak (Books and Speeches are a fantastic way to know the minds of people), I watch that person carefully to see how they handle situations and try to replicate that quality. So I would say so many people in different areas I can’t name one person in particular

What advice would you give the youths that would inspire them into success?

In my short journey and based on my interaction with a lot of youth, I would say :

§ Define what success means to you early?
§ Note that money always follows solutions to people’s problems. Once you can identify a need and meet it people will pay for your services
§ Professionalism and Courtesy are not optional ,
§ A teachable spirit will take you very far
§ Everyone you interact with is your network, make sure you can go back there without being ashamed
§ Simple things like doing your work in a timely manner, giving feedback , acknowledging receipt of communication and learning when to keep quiet and when to talk gets you noticed early
§ It doesn’t have to be a career , entrepreneurship opportunities abound and if you have a good idea which will solve problems for people, don’t give up on it
§ Read Wide, Read Far, Ask Questions
§ Be Bold , the worst thing they can say is no!

We say a big thank you to Ope for speaking to us and we hope this inspires you as much as it inspired us.

Kind regards

The BI Empowerment team


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