Toke Makinwa’s bestselling book “On Becoming” is finally available on OkadaBooks. To read the full book on your mobile phone or tablet today, install the free reading app at and select the book from the store home page and start reading in less than 5 minutes!
The book is a must read! From issues centering around pressures of bleaching, to dealing with a cheating husband, to contemplating suicide, no subject is left untouched by Toke. This is a real book addressing real life issues that many are too afraid to discuss in a Conservative Nigeria, no wonder the book has been driving lively discussion in Nigeria since Released.

Book Excerpts

On The Other Woman

“I tried to talk to him…a deep conversation in the dark where we could bare our souls to each other. I asked why he wouldn’t let Anita go? What was it about her? With tears in my eyes and desperate to save my home, I was willing to learn, to become like her if that was what he wanted. If it was the sex, I asked him to teach me her moves”

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On Suicide

“I was sitting in the bedroom one day. There was a bottle of Dettol in the bathroom and a thought came, very strong, “Just drink it and die. What’s the point? The whole world is laughing at you right now. Just end it.”

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On Her Mum’s Death

“Fear gripped me and I could barely move. In movies, you sometimes see a scene with someone burning from head to toe. Everyone ran back trying to figure out who it was. It took a moment to realize it was my mum. I stood glued to the spot watching her burn.”

To read the full book, download the OkadaBooks app here and click on the book image in the store. Let’s support Nigerian authors!


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