It is okay to be different! – Stanley Awelewa

Being different is totally okay, in fact it is not just okay, it is essential and what makes you who you are. Sometimes people are intimidated by the fact that you are different, but the people who really matter will love you for your unique personality.
Some years back during my undergraduate days in the university, I woke up one night trying to decipher what makes some people innovators, trend setters and every other person. I discovered that the innovators are all different and they see the world differently and basically obsessed with a passion of taking the world from as it is to how it should be.
The innovators and trend setters are always way ahead of their peers and contemporaries, they think differently, think ahead and there by creating a trend for others to follow. At first they are usually criticized by shallow and ignorant minds who try to tear them down with negative comments and remarks and try to be stumbling blocks in the wheel of progress. They are mostly Naysayers who never see anything good in a progressive and creative idea and they always come up with a thousand and one reasons why an idea will not work.

But I tell you stay true to yourself and your uniqueness, sometimes your message is not for everyone and there is nothing wrong in being different and ahead of your peers, stay ahead and you may later create a trend for them to follow. I must warn you that it is not an easy road, but stay true to creating an inspiration, keep learning, keep growing and find your path. Growth is usually a process of leaving somethings behind, as you keep evolving you keep on knowing yourself. There are no shortcuts, find out what works for you. Know yourself before you present yourself, if you want to reach billions start from the first two.
Being different and talented will stand you out but remember that it may only take you to the pinnacle but only hard work and positive attitude will keep you there. As you ponder on what’s different and what stands you out and how you can use that uniqueness to create an impact in your life, company, organization and the world at large. I want to encourage you to stay true to your journey, make an impact, create positive change, innovate and make the world a better place. Do not shield your uniqueness to make others feel comfortable, the race is yours not theirs. I am different for a reason so are you.

Think of it like this, if Thomas Edison tried to be like everyone else, and never invented the light bulb as people did not think he was doing anything of importance as some try to put him down, but he did something great. He was himself and accomplished great things in life.
What will you accomplish trying to be like everyone else ? If people don’t agree with you probably they don’t understand. Honestly just do whatever makes you happy as long as you are not hurting yourself or others.

These 21st century innovators inspired me, they stood out and made a difference. I hope we are all inspired by this, please comment and share.

Stanley Awelewa


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