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Nothing Should Stop You From Achieving Your Goal


I was doing a write up two days ago about my life, growing up, and I remember this certain period of my life when it just looked impossible to achieve a certain goal. I just thought to share on how I was able to overcome that challenge with BIE readers.

When I was in primary school, I wasn’t an extraordinary student, but I was always toping the class in Mathematics; I always scored a hundred percent. I remember the event that led to the day I scored 98% in Mathematics. The classmate who sat beside me asked me for the answer to a question, I didn’t want to tell her, so I deceived her. I wrote the wrong answer on my answer script and planned to change it later, but unfortunately I forgot to correct it so I lost the two marks. Serves me right, right?

Back to my story, I then got into secondary school, but unfortunately, my school had no math teacher from JSS 1 to JSS 3. We just played during the math period. I was in boarding school, so young and naïve, consequently I didn’t realize or see any need to tell my parents about it. So I started failing math from first term JSS 1. Of course, I failed my junior WAEC when the school  ‘solved the problem’ by just bringing in a corper to teach us two weeks to our junior WAEC. How on earth were we expected to pass?

This usual occurrence of failing math continued till I got to SS3, and as usual I had an F9 in Mathematics (the lowest grade achievable) during my final exams. This made me hate other subjects that had to do with calculation such as Physics, Chemistry and even some parts of Economics. After failing WAEC, I took the GCE, registering in another school to rewrite, but I still failed it.

I had to focus on pure art courses to get into the university, thank God I got into the university and thank God I graduated. I was finally free of math.

After graduation, I met a young man who happens to be my husband today. We got married sometime after I had graduated from the university. One day, he woke up and told me that it wouldn’t be nice to tell our kids that you never passed mathematics, then you know what he said to me? “You should write it again” I almost passed out! He continued “I know you may not need it any more, but why will you not pass math? How will you explain to your kids that you never passed math?”

He is an engineer; amazing with calculations, he then bought me General Mathematics for JSS1, JSS 2 and JSS 3 and he started teaching me from the foundation, which was 1+1. Gradually I began to build up on it till we started learning Mathematics for the senior classes.  He then registered me for GCE. I was probably the oldest in my class, I didn’t care, all that was on my mind was passing my Mathematics. For the first time in my life, I wrote the exam with so much confidence, knowing I was going to pass it. And guess what?

 I did pass!

I’m just wondering what that goal is that looks impossible to achieve?

Or could you have worked hard at something and failed so many times that you have given up on it?

Get back to it. Work harder. Keep trying till you succeed.


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  1. Thanks for Sharing, Keep bringing more!!


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